Hand Damien to Carl or Cooperate Choice Dying Light 2 Missing Persons

The Hand Damien to Carl or Cooperate Choice in the Dying Light 2 Missing Persons side quest is the first in a series of choices you can make in this mission, the ultimate one of which decides Damien’s life. Now, before we proceed any further, you have to know that there will be SPOILERS in this article. We’ll try and keep them to an absolute minimum, but they are there. In this guide, we’ll show you what happens in each of the choices, as well as how to save Damien in Dying Light 2 Missing Persons.

hand damien to carl or cooperate choice dying light 2 missing persons
Hand Damien to Carl or Cooperate Choice Dying Light 2 Missing Persons

Hand Damien Over to Carl

If you choose to hand Damien over to Carl and not cooperate in the Dying Light 2 Missing Persons choice, you’ll have to kill Damien. He really, really doesn’t want that to happen. After all, his brother’s life is on the line. Damien won’t let anything happen to him, regardless of the innocent lives it might cost. So, when you, as Aiden, make it clear that you will not stand for that kind of sacrifice, Damien attacks. He has nothing else to lose, I suppose. Your only recourse is to kill him, because he sure won’t spare you. After you win the fight, the quest is pretty much over and done with.

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Cooperate with Damien

If you choose to cooperate with Damien and not hand him over to Carl in the Dying Light 2 Missing Persons quest, you actually get to see the rest of the mission. The next choice you’ll get is whether or not you want to help Damien, and you should say yes. Proceed through the quest until you find Damien’s brother, Cliff. When you confront him, choose “What’s going on here,” and you’ll learn what’s actually going on. I’m not gonna spoil the reveal, but do know that you’ll have to battle Cliff and his gang, then return to the Bazaar. Once there, you’ll learn that Damien is up in the tower, which brings us to our next point.

How to Save Damien in Dying Light 2 Missing Persons

There’s only one way to save Damien in the Dying Light 2 Missing Persons quest after the Hand Damien to Carl or Cooperate choice. Follow through all the steps that we’ve outlined above to get to the point where you find Damien in the church tower. All that’s left at that point is to talk him down. Here’s how we did it, step by step.

When Damien asks you what you want to talk about, say “About life.” After a little back-and-forth about ethics, you’ll get another choice. It might sound counter-intuitive, but you need to select “I’ll jump too!” This leads into a conversation about jumpers changing their minds while in the air and, eventually, Aiden convinces Damien not to jump. Roger then butts in, and we opted to interrupt Damien when given the choice. If you don’t, he’ll end up on the gallows. And that’s that; Damien is saved.

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  1. T
    trond almenning

    I am stuck on this quest. I killed the 5 bandits, met Damien at the door on my way out. Damien has locked himself inside the room and I cannot get out. I am stuck in this house, how do i kill damien and how to get out of the house?

    1. T
      trond almenning

      C4 did the job. Thank you Invaried!

      1. L

        What if you have zero explosives I too am stuck in the house with him behind a locked door. This sucks

        1. J

          You can get his head to pop through the door and hit that. Once you kill him that way the door will open.

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