How to Switch Arrow Types Dying Light 2 Change Bow Ammo

No zombie game would be complete without the inclusion of make-shift ancient weapons. Very fittingly for a society where modern weaponry is scarce, these include all manner of classic melee weapons such as swords and clubs, as well as ranged weapons like bows. Of course, since bows will be your main method for damaging enemies from afar for a good portion of the game, they feature a bunch of different ammo you can switch over to and use. And, in our How to Switch Arrow Types Dying Light 2 Change Bow Ammo guide, we will show you all you need to know about how to swap these alternative arrow types.

How to Switch Arrow Types Dying Light 2 Change Bow Ammo

How to Change Arrow Types in Dying Light 2

Besides the normal arrows, you will also have access to infected, poison, fire, electrical, and other arrow types in your arsenal. To acquire these, you will need to either craft, purchase, or receive them as quest rewards. But using them can quickly turn a fight in your favor and you will need to master using all of these different ammo types. Now, as for how to swap one arrow type for another, this requires that you understand how the Weapon wheel works in Dying Light 2.

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To switch to the weapon wheel, you need to press and hold 1, 2, 3, or 4 on your keyboard. Or, if you are playing on the PlayStation or Xbox, press the right D-pad. In the Weapon wheel, you will see the bow. And, when you select it, all of the different arrow types that you can use and currently have in your inventory, will appear directly below it. To shift between arrow types, use the Q and E keys. This will scroll between them, with the one in the middle with the largest icon being the one currently selected. Then, when you take out your bow, this arrow ammo will be equipped on it, ready to use and fire.

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