History Lesson Dying Light 2 Investigate the Square

Dying Light 2 The History Lesson is one of the side quests that asks you to investigate the square. This should be an easy task to complete, but the quest doesn’t tell you exactly what to investigate. Some items are, while some are well hidden. In this guide we’ll tell you how to complete Dying Light 2 History Lesson – Investigate the Square objective.

History Lesson Dying Light 2 Investigate the Square
History Lesson Quest in Dying Light 2 – Investigate the Square

Investigate the Square Dying Light 2 The History Lesson

You will start the quest after talking to history teacher in the southwest part of the Trinity territory. He’ll send you to the memorial square to light a candle. Once you reach the location, and the quest objective updates, use the survivor sense to highlight the clues. The first step is to investigate the two plaques in front of the March Massacre memorial. This will trigger the dialog, but it will not complete the objective.

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The next object is not so obvious, but it’s near the monument as well. Just to the right of the memorial, you’ll find a tree with bullet holes in it. Once the dialog starts you’ll find out that at this place army started shooting at people and it was the beginning of the end. After this, light the candle at the monument and complete the quest. This side quest will reward you with a Survivor’s Trinket.

Dying Light 2 is a huge game with many side quests, hidden treasures, and sad stories. If you ever find yourself stuck in a quest, or you don’t know where to find safes and inhibitors, you can always find the solution in our comprehensive list of guides for Dying Light 2.

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