Dying Light 2 Infected Intelligence Quiz Correct Answers & Rewards

Not every quest in Dying Light 2 will have you engage in combat. Sometimes, you will be able to take a more subtle approach. And sometimes, you won’t have to do anything much at all – expect to answer a couple of questions. This is the basis of the “Infected Intelligence Quiz” side quest, in which you will test your knowledge of the Infected and how much you know about all of their different types. The enigmatic Mr. Z will ask you four questions, and if you get all of them right, he will give you a very handsome reward. Our Dying Light 2 Infected Intelligence Quiz Correct Answers & Rewards guide is here to provide you with all the right answers to all four questions.

Dying Light 2 Infected Intelligence Quiz Correct Answers & Rewards

Infected Intelligence Quiz Correct Answers and Rewards Dying Light 2

When you encounter Mr. Z, he will explain that he studies the Infected. Since he can no longer go out into the field himself, he will ask you to help him out. You can do this by answering four questions about the Infected. Here are these questions, possible answers, and the correct answer:

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  • Question #1: “Great, thank you. Certainly you’ve noticed what happens with infected after mutation: they become stronger, faster and more agile. Have you encountered the type that can jump higher than others?” You have three possible answers here: Volatile, Banshee, and Revenant. The correct answer is Banshee.
  • Question #2: “It prefers to avoid humans. I know how that sounds, but you must have seen something like that. Moreover, when retreating, it leaves tracks behind. do you know which infected I’m referring to?” You have four possible answers here: Bolter, Spitter, Goon, and Rampage. The correct answer is Bolter.
  • Question #3: “It creates a toxic mist around other monsters and some survivors even believe it resurrects the dead. Which is nonsense, obviously. Does that ring any bells?” You have three possible answers here: Howler, Bolter, and Revenant. The correct answer is Revenant.
  • Question #4: “And which type of infected would you say has the most *explosive* temper?” You have three possible answers here: Rampage, Demolisher, and Suicider. The correct answer is Suicider.

If you get all four questions right, Mr. Z will be very impressed. He will reward you with the Gravedigger – a unique one-handed Axe, and the Goon – a playing card. So now that you know the right answers, you can make your way there to get these rewards.

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