Upgrade Blueprint Dying Light 2

Knowing how to upgrade blueprints in Dying Light 2 is a very useful asset, because it lets you make more powerful stuff. You can get all sorts of blueprints from vendors or as rewards for completing main and side missions. They let you craft consumables, accessories, weapon attachments, and other useful stuff. The further the blueprints are upgraded, the better items you can make. So, with all of that said, let’s learn how to upgrade blueprints in the new Dying Light.

upgrade blueprint dying light 2
Upgrade Blueprint Dying Light 2

How to Upgrade Blueprint in Dying Light 2

To upgrade a blueprint in Dying Light 2, the first order of business is to find a Craftsmaster. You can find one of these in every major settlement, like the Bazaar, and their shops are marked by the crossed hammer and wrench icon. When you speak to a Craftsmaster and their menu pops up, tab over to the Upgrade section. You’ll then see the list of all blueprints you own. To upgrade them, simply select them from the list and press and hold the middle mouse button (or whatever is the equivalent on your platform). If you have the resources, of course; more on that in a bit. As far as we’ve been able to tell, every blueprint can be upgraded eight times, each getting more and more expensive.

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how to upgrade dying light 2 blueprint
Blueprint upgrade menu

So, cost-wise, to upgrade a Dying Light 2 blueprint the first time, you’ll need five Uncommon Infected Trophies. Those drop from zombies that are a grade above biters, aka the ones that actively patrol and chase you at night. From there, you’ll have to pay more and more Old World Money (aka gold or coins) and give Infected Trophies of higher and higher rarity. You can farm Rare Infected Trophies from Howlers at night or the big zombies you might run into. They can also drop from Bolters at night. Lastly, Unique Infected Trophies come from GRE anomalies and generally stronger, rarer enemies. Buckle up, because you’ll need to do a whole bunch of grinding if you want to upgrade all your blueprints.

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