Dying Light 2 Mouse Keybinds Not Working

Dying Light 2 has arrived and amongst other bugs, it has one in which mouse keybinds are not working. This is disappointing for many players who want flexibility in their control system. Keybinds are setting, but they refuse to save. This seems to relate to the permissions. Read on as we discuss the Dying Light 2 mouse keybinds not working problem.

Dying Light 2 Mouse Keybinds Not Working
Dying Light 2 Mouse Keybinds Not Working

The problem lies in saving the mouse key bindings. People are finding that after going into settings and putting in their commands, when they leave it is not saving. The right mouse button is aim, left is the attack and at the moment it is not possible to change.

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At the moment everyone is having the same issue and there has been no fix. It will need a patch or update from the developers. The only real solution is to go into your mouse software and configure it from there. Reports are that Logitech software works but this will conflict with the Dolby Atmos.

Dying Light 2 Mouse Keybinds Not Working

It may also be worth doing a double-check. Some people have reported that when they click a mouse button, nothing happens. Yet when they have hit escape, the mouse buttons have actually been bound. Others have reported this works, but it reverts back when they exit the menu.

When a fix arrives, it may not be the golden egg many people are expecting. At the moment, there are only two options for mouse key bindings anyway. With no middle button option, you would hope that developers update and allow more refined modern control systems. There have been many issues with the game at the moment, including a first patch that solved 1000 issues. The game developers have stated that they are working around the clock to fix issues, so it shouldn’t be long before the game is out.

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