Dying Light 2 New Game Plus

Many people want to know if Dying Light 2 has New Game Plus. After all, if memory serves, the first Dying Light had NG+ from launch. It would stand to reason that its successor would offer the features, right? So, since I know a number of you have rushed through the main story by now, I’m sure you’d like to know where to find the New Game Plus, wouldn’t you? Yeah, about that.

dying light 2 new game plus
Dying Light 2 New Game Plus

Does Dying Light 2 Have New Game Plus

No, Dying Light 2 does not have a New Game Plus mode at the time of writing. However, if this screenshot from Reddit is anything to go by, the developers will add the feature at some point during the game’s lifecycle. There has been no mention of when that’s going to happen, and the creators have said that they plan to support the game for five years. So, at some point in that window, you might get to experience a New Game Plus mode in DL2. No guarantees, however, since all we have is a screenshot of some tweets. And as to why they didn’t implement NG+, well, your guess is as good as mine.

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Now, even though Dying Light 2 doesn’t have New Game Plus, that doesn’t mean the game is completely over when you beat the main story. Once you do, the game will reverse some of your choices and thereby give you full reign over the map. This will allow you to complete any activities and side quests you might have skipped over. The game will even scale with your level, so you can earn some cool, powerful gear. However, you cannot play through the ending of the main story again. Once you complete the main campaign, that’s it. Since there’s no NG+, your only options to experience the story of DL2 is to either start a new game or reload a save. But, yeah, if you were worried about not being able to complete the side content after going through the main story, don’t be.

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