Dying Light 2 Stolen Goods - Who Stole the Flour

The question of who stole the flour in the Dying Light 2 Stolen Goods quest is a mystery that you’ll have to unravel during the mission. The main suspects seem to be Teresa and Anna. The story has its twists and turns, but ultimately, you’ll find out who took the stolen flour in Dying Light 2. We’re gonna reveal who it was in this guide, so before we proceed – SPOILER WARNING. If you don’t want to know the reveal, do not proceed.

dying light 2 stolen goods who stole the flour
Dying Light 2 Stolen Goods – Who Stole the Flour

Who Stole the Flour in Dying Light 2 Stolen Goods

The person who stole the flour in the Dying Light 2 Stolen Goods quest is Teresa. You will learn as much as you progress through the quest. First off, you’ll talk to Teresa and Anna (the latter of which is in the Water Tower). After that, you go and search the shed for tracks and then follow them for a bit. Talk to Anna again, then Dodger, then search the north and south warehouses. In the latter, you have to move a large sheet of wood, where you’ll blow the lid off the whole operation. Teresa’s son Benny kinda tries to act like a red herring, but even if you do accuse him in the dialog with Teresa afterwards, she still comes clean. In other words, the truth kinda comes out on its own.

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So, that’s who stole the flour in the Dying Light 2 Stolen Goods. Now that you know everything about the stolen flour in Dying Light 2, there’s still the matter of settling the debt with Dodger. One of the options is to accuse Teresa directly, but that nets you the least rewards (1500 Combat and Agility XP, one Military Medkit). You can pay 200 Old World Money, which grants you the aforementioned Medkit and XP, as well as 300 Old World Money, an Old World Manual, and 4 Flour. Lastly, you can attempt the race. This gives you the same rewards, but you also don’t have to pay Dodger any money. Choose whatever suits you best; I recommend saving before you make the choice and at least attempting the race.

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