Dying Light All Quarantine Zone Locations Guide

There are eight Quarantine Zones in Dying Light. They aren’t shown on the in-game map until you’ve discovered them.
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Five of them are found in The Slums, while the other three are in Old Town. Finding them gives you an objective, and finishing the objective clears the area. Clearing the area within these Quarantine zones gives you Disaster Relief On-site Packages that you can turn in to the quartermaster, as well as survivor skill points, lore etc. Finishing all eight zones gets you the Tresspasing achievement. The Camouflage skill from the Survivor skill tree comes extremely handy here and it makes fighting far easier.

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Stuffed Turtle

Objective: Retrieve all (5) Disaster Relief On-site Packages.
Difficulty: Hard
Reward: 2 500 Survivor Points
Story: When the infection started to spread, a group of people tried to take refuge in a local supermarket. They gathered resources, secured what they could and waited for rescue. Which never came. The broadcasting system lured the infected to the market center. They quickly found their way inside, attacking any survivors, leaving the supplies to rot.
This Quarantine Zone is located within the market area, where you can hear voices through the store speaker. If you have walked past this store you would remember it for sure, as it is the only one with the unique setting. In order to stop the current electrifying the floor inside the store, you have to use the switch located next to the doors that lead to the storage room. Once you do it, the switch breaks and cannot be used again. There are a bunch of infected inside the next room, but that’s about it.

Underground Parking

Objective: Retrieve all (5) Disaster Relief On-site Packages.
Difficulty: Hard
Reward: 2 500 Survivor Points
Story: When panic broke out, crisis forces escorted a large group of healthy citizens inside an underground parking, away from the infected. They established a temporary refugee camp, they set some perimeter blockades and hoped for the best. All for nothing. There was an outbreak and everything went to hell, so the military sealed this placed and left everyone inside to their fate.
This Quarantine zone is found in the northwestern Slums. It might be the toughest one to complete, as it is the only Quarantine that has Volatiles inside the perimeter. You have to kill, or pass by them if you want to collect Packages that are scattered around the underground parking, hidden inside vans and cars. Several of the cars have working alarms.

Sunny Apartments

Objective: Eliminate all (21) infected.
Difficulty: Hard
Reward: 7 500 Survivor Points
Story: The building was sealed by military forces when they began their retreat, when the infection started to run rampant across the town. Consequently, everyone inside was trapped when their neighbours succumbed to the infection and changed. Groups developed, trying to barricade themselves from the threat, fighting to live another day, but they were all doomed from the start.
The Quarantine zone in this location is found at the rear entrance of a two-storied building in the northwestern Slums. Inside the building there is a fire, with smoke raging throughout the rooms. From time to time it will lower your health. Scout the rooms for infected and clear the building of them.

Chemical Storage

Objective: Retrieve all (5) Disaster Relief On-site Packages.
Difficulty: Hard
Reward: 2 500 Survivor Points
Story: Something went terribly wrong in this chemical storage compound. Now the place is completely contaminated with toxic spills and the infected crawling around the place turned into strange and hideous forms. Extremely dangerous. Too bad that the facility also contained packages of haz-mat and disaster relief supplies, which would be very useful to survivors.
This Quarantine zone is located inside the large Storage area, just north from the Rais’ Slums compound. Beside the first group of infected that are easy to defeat, you also come in contact with several toads. These enemies fire toxic bolts toward you. What an odd surrounding for them.

Bright Mountain Tunnel

Objective: Retrieve all (5) Disaster Relief On-site Packages.
Difficulty: Hard
Reward: 2 500 Survivor Points
Story: A Good Will Relief transport got stuck in this tunnel when a transport of chemical waste was derailed, covering one end of the tunnel in a deadly toxic cloud. Soon after, the military declared it a quarantine zone and blocked any passage in and out of this place. Like all tunnels, it is crawling with enemies, but the stuff left there is just too good to leave to rot. Got to be careful. Some survivors might have tried to get their hands on the supplies, who knows what happened to them?
This Quarantine zone is located inside a small railroad tunnel, in the southeastern Slums. You should be able to find it easily, as the railroad leads to this location. This is one of the hardest Quarantine Zones for completion. What makes it hard is the amount of enemies you find inside. It seems that they even respawn, making it impossible to clear the area. A large number of them are bombers, waiting for you behind every corner.

Dragon Hotel

Objective: Retrieve all (5) Disaster Relief On-site Packages.
Difficulty: Hard
Reward: 7 500 Survivor Points
Story: When the Global Athletic Games were at their peak, this hotel hosted many sports teams. No one knows if it was one of them, or if it came from outside, but the hotel became one of the first centers of the infection. The military shut it off as soon as the outbreak started, convicting all those locked inside to a fate worse then death. Now the place is in ruin, but invaluable supplies can still be found there.
This Quarantine zone is found in northwestern Old Town, inside the Dragon Hotel. Four out of five Packages are found inside the rooms, while the fifth one is in the elevator. You have to climb to the third floor and start searching for the packages from there.

Parking Lot

Objective: Eliminate all infected
Difficulty: Hard
Reward: 15 000 Survivor Points
Story: The infection must have set in real fast, if it took some people completely by surprise. This place was being renovated, when the workers started to change. Almost no casualties. Entire working parties simply transformed into crazed and volatile infected, creating one of the most dangerous infection hives in the quarantine zone.
This Quarantine zone is found in eastern Old Town. The road leads to the underground passage where the parking lot is. There are a couple of large groups of infected inside this compound, with no Volatiles and one Goon (two handed sledgehammer bearer). There is also an “ultimate” weapon inside this parking lot. It is the bricks! For some reason I really like them.

New Antalya Apartments

Objective: Retrieve all (4) Disaster Relief On-site Packages.
Difficulty: Hard
Reward: 7 500 Survivor Points
Story: After the recent mild quakes, property developers encouraged apartment owners to equip every apartment with supply packages, just in case. This place, although ravaged by the hordes of infected, might still have some intact resources to claim. An earthquake might not happen for a while, but these supplies will certainly be useful to survivors now.
The Quarantine zone in this location is found inside one large quarantine building, in southwestern Old Town. The first package is found on the ground floor, two of them on the first floor, while the last package is on the last floor. You have to move a cabinet to enter the room where the first package at the ground floor is.

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    There are nine. Six in the slums, and three in sector zero.

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      If there are nine, why is the achievement “Trespassing” :Complete all Quarantine Zones 8/8?..

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          There are actually 10: Three Moons Restaurant in Old Town and Holy Year Tunnel in the Slums are part of the Cruise & Cuisine DLC, which was included in my Dying Light: The Following. It doesn’t have a separate listing in Playstation Trophies, and I don’t think it actually included any trophies.

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