Street Fighter 5 Charlie Nash Trailer Released

Street Fighter 5 will feature Charlie Nash as part of the roster. Capcom has released a new trailer for the game which showcases Charlie’s new appearance, as well as some of his moves.
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Take a gander, then put on your Speculation Hat and join me in the Guesstimation Chamber.

If you’re familiar with Street Fighter lore, you probably know Charlie as Guile’s mentor and good friend. The thing is, he looks pretty sinister here – skin grafts, the glowing thing lodged in his forehead, the thick, black smoke he leaves behind him as he teleports (which he shouldn’t be able to do in the first place). Capcom announcing him as “reborn”. There’s also the fact that he fights Chun Li in the trailer, and they’re supposed to be besties. I don’t think that’s a coincidence. All of this stuff leads to an ominous conclusion – Charlie will be appearing as his evil, brainwashed self. There, I said it.

They’ve also released a batch of screenshots to accompany the video:

The release date for Street Fighter 5 is still unknown, but we do know it will appear on Playstation 4 and PC, offering cross-platform play for owners of these two systems.

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