Buggy customization, paint jobs, bobbleheads and charms

Dying Light: The Following introduces a brand new vehicle named Buggy, which is crucial to surviving in the open. This vehicle can be upgraded with lethal add-ons like flamethrowers, UV headlights, ramming bars, and more.
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On the other hand, you can customize it with unique paint jobs and accessories as bobble heads and charms to improve its visual appeal.

Note: This guide is a work in progress. We’ll update it with new bobbleheads, collectible paint jobs and charms as we progress through the game.

Bilal Bobblehead location

After the first few starting quests you’ll get the quest “The Mechanic”. At the end of the quest you’ll talk to Bilal and unlock Paint Jobs. The Bobblehead box is hidden on the shelves behind Bilal. If you prefer video, you can take a look at our Bilal Bobblehead location video guide.

Jasir Bobblehead location

The Jasir Bobblehead can be obtained during and after the Buggy Grail side mission (it’s one of the missions Bilal gives you). Go to the highway east of Jasir’s Farm, and look for a Silas truck near a broken power line. There’s also a trailer there – go inside and you’ll find the box with the bobblehead on the table. If you go there before the mission, the trailer door will be locked.

Dying Light The Following Paint Job Locations

Collectible paint jobs in The Following help you modify your buggy’s appearance. They are scattered around the new area, and you can find them in the most unexpected places. Since the DLC has been released, we’ve discovered there’s far too many of them to share a page with the other customization options. You’ll find the first ones we’ve found below. For a complete list, take a look at our Paint Job Locations in Dying Light: The Following guide.

Black Widow Paint Job

Dying Light Black Widow Paint Job
Black Widow Paint Job
Black Widow Paint job can be found on a graveyard, in the south-eastern part of the Countryside map. Look behind the wall with a huge angel statue on it. If you’d rather watch a video, we also have a Black Widow Paint Job Location video guide.

Cherry Bomb Paint Job

cherry-bomb-paint-job-the-followingFind an abandoned railroad car at the location marked on the screenshot of the map below (south east of Jasir’s farm). Cherry Bomb paint job is found behind some crates. The full video guide can be found if you click here.


cultist paint job the followingCultist Paint Job is located in the water near a strange rock formation south of Jasir’s farm (very close to a hunting tower). Use our video guide or screenshots of the location on the map below to find this collectible.

Flying Fish Paint Job

Flying Fish Paint Job is a collectible paint job.

Rally Prism

rally prism paint job the followingRally Prism Paint Job is inside the hunting tower some way south of Jasir’s farm. The Hunting tower is actually on a hill above a river, so you should either approach it from the east or you can find a way to climb the rock face there.

Zebra Paint Job

zebra paint job the followingGo to a gas station northeast of Jasir’s farm. Enter it and you will find the Zebra paint job collectible on the shelves. For the video guide, click here.
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