Dying Light Enhanced Edition Crossplay & Cross-Platform

It’s safe to say that Dying Light 1 Enhanced Edition is one of the greatest games of its kind. Blending frantic parkour with high-paced action and combat, it put a new spin on the zombie genre. With over 20 million units sold since it came out all the way back in 2015, the game was a bona fide hit, with players from all over the world enjoying it for its satisfying gameplay and enticing story. And with so many copies across so many different platforms, many players are wondering – whether Dying Light Enhanced Edition has crossplay and cross-platform capabilities. That’s what we’re here to answer.

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Dying Light Enhanced Edition Crossplay & Cross-Platform
Dying Light Enhanced Edition Crossplay & Cross-Platform

Dying Light Enhanced Edition Crossplay and Cross-Platform

While Dying Light Enhanced Edition does have some limited crossplay capabilities – which we’ll get to in just a minute – it, unfortunately, doesn’t possess any cross-platform features. If you are playing Dying Light 1 on the PS4, you can play it on the PS5 as well. The same goes for playing it on the Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. However, if you want to, for example, play it on your PC and then on the PlayStation, this, sadly isn’t something that you can do.

So while the game is cross-generational (it received a lot of content updates, all the way up to the release of Dying Light 2), it can’t be played across different gaming platforms and consoles. While there is a chance that this feature is going to be added in some form or another in the future, we wouldn’t count on it. After all, the game is pretty old at this point, and it most likely is not in the interests of the devs – who are concentrating on Dying Light 2 and other projects right now – to go back and add this option to Dying Light 1.

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