Knight V Sons of the Forest, Rideable EUC Locations

In our Sons of the Forest EUC Knight V Locations guide, we are going to show you where you can find the rideable EUC Knight V vehicle. Also, we will explain what it actually is and broadly how to use it. The Knight V is a very, very useful Electric unicycle to have on your person when you’re out in the open and I highly recommend getting it as soon as possible.

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sons of the forest euc knight v locations
Knight V Sons of the Forest, Rideable EUC Locations

What is EUC Knight V in Sons of the Forest

The EUC Knight V in Sons of the Forest is an electric unicycle that you can ride around after you’ve found it. Well, I say vehicle, it’s actually a unicycle type of situation. You’d think that it’d be more of a risk than an asset on an abandoned island full of monsters and debris, but it actually handles surprisingly well. Once you pick it up, (more on that in the next section) you then have to equip it, as in hold it in your hands. You then left-click to hop on. Have fun zooming around and shooting at the mutants while driving in circles, Mongol horde-style.

You can even jump with it, but if you hop twice in quick succession, you will dismount. Also, smacking into a tree or a wall will knock you off. That said, you can jump off of cliffs while riding the E.U.C. Knight V without fall damage.

Knight V Locations in Sons of the Forest – Rideable Electric Unicycle

There are several different locations where you can find the EUC Knight V vehicle in Sons of the Forest, and we’ve marked them for you in the map below. If you know of any other places where thing spawns, let us all know in the comments. One of them is right next to the red tent where you can find the winter jacket, aka the new piece of clothing added in this update. I would visit all three locations, not just to pick the unicycle up, but also everything else that might be in its vicinity.

euc knight v vehicle locations sons of the forest
Knight V locations (click to zoom in)
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