Dying Light Flags Locations in the Slums

Flags are collectibles in Dying light that grant a small Agility XP bonus once collected. There are fifteen to be found in the Slums and fifteen in Old Town area.
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We will try and help you find all the flags in the Slums area in this screenshot guide so your character can benefit from the bonuses they grant. As you can guess, almost all of them are placed on very high ground. You can always find them on top of the Antenna Towers, while the rest of them are on top of big buildings, or sometimes, even on some houses…

In case you prefer a video walkthrough feel free to check out the one we created bellow:

1. Main Bridge Flag

It is rather challenging to obtain this one. You can find it on top of the tallest pillar of the bridge that connects the Slums with another island. For starters, you have to use one of the large bridge support cables. As you reach the bridge keep to your left and use the first cable you come across. As you climb across it you reach the metal platforms. Use them to climb on top of the pillar. This is the area where you can also collect “Blueprint Surprise MFs!!!”. Now you should use a cable that connects two large pillar tops. Use it to get to the flag. You can jump from the flag’s location into the water and survive.

2. Antenna Tower No.1

This Tower is looking over the nearby large bridge. It is rather easy to climb on top of this tower. There are a few tough jumps, especially the last ladders that take you to the highest platform, so be careful. Make it to the top and collect the Flag found at the end of one of the metal beams.

3. Building No.1

This flag is found south from the previous Antenna Tower. It is located at the rooftop of a building, at the end of a wooden beam. This house is at the northeastern part of a small building compound. There is a business sign “Pawn Shop – Cash for Gold (Buy/Sell/Loan)” in front of it. You can also spot a small antenna dish next to it, but this is a rather common object.

4. Starting location Flag

You start the game inside a high rise building called the Tower. You can get to the top of it by using the stairs when you are on the top floors (and the main quest will take you there as part of your training). Once you are on its roof there is a huge construction crane connecting the roof of the Tower and another, nearby, building. Flag is located on the highest point of this crane.

5. Blue Water Container Flag

This one is located southwest of the nearby Tower. If you head toward this location from the tower you should spot a small metal bridge. As you cross it, climb on top of the building to your left. There should be a plastic, blueish, water container and the flag is located on top of it.

6. Leaves covered Cage

The building you want to find is found west of the previous flag’s location. It has a reddish brick wall and foliage all over its top. If you look closely you can spot a metal cage covered with leaves on the third floor. Climb on top of it. There is a small entrance you can use to jump into this cage. Flag is on the wooden table, inside the cage.

7. Building No.2

Building you want to search for is the one that is overlooking the nearby tunnel, which the main highway goes through. Flag is on the edge of this building. This is not the tallest building in the area, so its location is a bit strange, but there you have it.

8. Second Antenna Tower

Antenna Towers are hard to climb structures, but second Dying Light Tower is particularly difficult to traverse. You can’t start the climb from the base of the tower. You have to use a nearby rock ledge to get on top of the first platform of the tower. Using yellow construction metal beams both on the inside and the outside of the tower you will eventually reach the top, where another flag awaits for you to collect it.
Here’s a video of how to get to the top of this tower:

9. Freeway Construction Flag

This is probably the most northern flag you can pick up. It is located above the safe area, on top of the uncompleted freeway and its construction site. You can use the nearby blue cargo containers to climb, or the nearby highway road intersection.

10. Building No.3

We are now in the western Slums. There is a building with a large number “02” on its side inside a big building complex found here. There is a metal construction area at the side of the same building that you should use to climb to the top of it. When you climb to the top, head toward the opposite rooftop area. There, on the end of a yellow/black metal bar, is the Flag.

11. Antenna Tower No.3

This is the most western antenna tower in the Slums, which makes the flag on top of it the most western flag in the Slums. You can use the power supply cables to climb to the top of the Tower. As you get there goes you’ll find it on the tallest platform area. Be sure to pick up all the other loot found there before heading back.

12. Red Building No.4

Within the same building complex, in western Slums, you should notice a building painted red. It has a large number “06” on its side. There is also a burning air conditioner on the same side of the building along with two large billboards (one of them advertises a table fan for only 39,99). Metal bar above the burning air conditioner hides the flag’s location. To climb to the top of this building you should start by using the climbing spot above the front entrance. From this location keep climbing by jumping from one balcony to the other.

13. Blue Building No.5

Within the same building complex you will see two building with some blue paint on balconies and windows. Eastern building hides the flag on its top. To get to the top use the balconies and window ledges to climb up the building.

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