Dying Light Marvin Zucker's Battle Journal Locations

Marvin Zucker’s Battle Journals are a type of collectible in Dying Light. There are 17 journals to be collected throughout the game.
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These journals tell a story about Marvin Zucker and his survival in the zombie infected city. There are some seriously good combat tips written in some of these so make sure you check them out as you pick them up. Reading them I’ve felt sympathy for the poor guy. I hope he is all right and I’m looking forward to finding him alive. His destiny is still up in the air since I still have to find the rest of the Journals.

Entry #0 Marvin Zucker’s Battle Journal

Location: Slums / Tower – First Floor

You can find this Journal on the shelf next to the last one, near the quartermaster, above red medical boxes. This is just a few steps away from where you jump into a gap to leave the safety of the Tower.

Entry #1 Marvin Zucker’s Battle Journal

Location: Slums / Safehouse – North from Tower.

Inside the main safehouse room, on the ground, next to the Player’s stash bag. There is also a Blueprint 230V found close by, in the same room.

Entry #2 Marvin Zucker’s Battle Journal

Location: Slums / Building top

Main story quest “Airdrop” takes you to the location of the Journal. As you find the dead body of an unfortunate parachutist there is a Journal right next to him. However, if you are not on this mission, you can still find the Journal at that location, only this time without a dead parachutist’s body as guidance.

Entry #3 Marvin Zucker’s Battle Journal

Location: Slums / Fisherman’s Village

On top of the house, close to the main entrance of the Fisherman’s Village. Battle Journal is on the chair, under a blueish fabric that acts as a sunshade.

Entry #4 Marvin Zucker’s Battle Journal

Location: Slums / Taurus Gas Station

Inside the store that is part of the Taurus Gas Station. Journal is on the edge of a white mattress, in the corner of the room, under a calendar of a girl that you might see at more than one house in the game.

Entry #5 Marvin Zucker’s Battle Journal

Location: Slums / Triage tents – the most eastern point in the Slums

These triage tents are located on the main bridge in eastern Slums. As it is separated from the other parts of the bridge by a huge gap (you can’t jump over it), you have to reach via one of two paths.
  1. First path is across the large bridge cables that connect the main road and huge bridge pillars. Jump on the first cable to your left if you come from the city (the most northwestern one) and reach its top. There is a metal construction that you can use to get over to the next cable that connects two parts of the bridge. Tip: If you use the zipline on top of the first pillar, it takes you to the nearest pillar. This area hides two collectibles: “Blueprint Surprise MFs!!!” and a Flag (agility boost collectible). Using the zipline means that you will have to use the second path to get to the journal though (you can’t go back via the zipline so jump into the water if you decided to pick up the other collectibles)
  2. Second path takes a little swimming and vertical climbing. Jump into the water and swim to the middle pillars, just under the triage tents. Northern pillar hides an entrance at this location. Inside, you can vertical climb toward the red door exit. This is the tricky part. You have to jump towards the camp and the soft landing point.
Battle Journal is in the middle of the medical camp. You can find a chair (the one that is not overturned) and the journal is on top of it. You might notice that this is a loot haven full of medkits and gauze.

Entry #6 Marvin Zucker’s Battle Journal

Location: Slums / Antenna Tower area

Inside a room with red brick walls and two garage doors. One of those doors becomes unlocked during the main story mission “Pact with Rais”, step “Search the antenna for a transmitter box”.

Entry #7 Marvin Zucker’s Battle Journal

Location: Slums / Rear trunk of a car

This car is located next to a building and a wooden shack in northeastern Slums. They are close to the river and they are almost surrounded with a nearby road and a semi tall concrete wall.

Entry #8 Marvin Zucker’s Battle Journal

Location: Slums / Bites Motel

Found inside an administration office, ground floor of the Bites Motel. Number one motel when you face a zombie apocalypse. Right of the large, main entrance, door is the door of the office. Battle Journal is on the desk, next to a computer monitor.

Entry #9 Marvin Zucker’s Battle Journal

Location: Slums / Bus station waiting room

On a wooden bench of a bus station in northwestern Slums. This area is also a loot heaven. Unlike with the triage tents that gave medical equipment, bus station has loads of passengers’ money laying around.

Entry #10 Marvin Zucker’s Battle Journal

Location: Slums / Waste Land

If you enter the waste land scrapyard through the main entrance you can spot a shack to your right. There, on a sofa, is the battle journal.

Entry #11 Marvin Zucker’s Battle Journal

Location: Slums / Slums Tunnels

Found inside a tunnel in southwestern Slums. In order to enter this tunnel for the first time you have to be on the main story mission “The Saviors”. Mission sends you inside this long tunnel. As you go through the mission you will find yourself in a storm drain area with closed metal bar door at the. When you go through this door you’ll enter a room with many collectibles found in the corner. One of these collectibles is the journal, on a chair, next to the teddy bear.

Entry #12 Marvin Zucker’s Battle Journal

Location: Slums / The Tower

Found on the 19th floor, next to the headquarters. This room unlocks once you reach the main story mission “Tunnel Vision”, part – Take the package back to Ryan.

Entry #13 Marvin Zucker’s Battle Journal

Location: Old Town / Small Tunnel

Small tunnel, where you can find this Battle Journal in, is located in northwestern Old Town, next to a small lake. There is a zipline that leads to the tunnel but you don’t have to use it to reach the tunnel if you don’t want to.

Entry #14 Marvin Zucker’s Battle Journal

Location: Old Town / Apartment Window

Found on a window sill, inside an apartment located across from the main bank building.

Entry #15 Marvin Zucker’s Battle Journal

Location: Old Town / Workshop

Inside a small workshop. You have to raise the rolling doors of the workshop in order to enter. This area is also recognizable because of the large yard nearby. There is usually an event nearby where you have to defeat two Trolls and other enemies to save the citizens.

Marvin Zucker’s Battle Journal Epilogue

Location: Old Town / Safe zone

On the floor inside a safe zone room. This safe zone is located just north from the main Old Town safe zone. You have to jump inside the room from the roof to find the collectible.
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