Dying Light Not Connected to Epic Online Services Issue

Dying Light 1 Enhanced Edition was recently given away for free on the Epic Games Store. This allowed a whole new generation of gamers that never played the game to try it. Naturally, this resulted in a big influx of players from all over the world. Though, it’s safe to say that this hasn’t gone over completely smoothly. A lot of players have had trouble getting the game to run on EGS. A particularly troublesome error here is the Dying Light Not Connected to Epic Online Services Issue. So what can you do if you are getting this message and is there anything you can try to fix it? Read on to find out.

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Dying Light Not Connected to Epic Online Services Issue
Dying Light Not Connected to Epic Online Services Issue

Dying Light You Are Not Connected to Epic Online Services Potential Fix

If you are not connected to Epic Online services in Dying Light, the first thing you should try is to quit the game from the Main Menu. A browser window should open, asking you for permission. Click “Allow” and you should now be connected and able to play multiplayer. Make sure that you don’t skip over this part or to not accept it. If this browser isn’t opening for you, try repeating this process of quitting the game a couple of times until you get it.

Also, you should try changing your online settings to public. Another solution is to first restart your PC. Then, right-click your time in the lower-right corner of your screen and select the Adjust Date/Time option. From there, turn on the “Set Time Automatically” option and press the “Sync Now” button. See if this has solved the problem. If none of these solutions work, the only thing left is to contact Epic Games support for further assistance. And if you have figured out any way to fix this, then please tell us how you managed to do this in the comments.

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