Project Mugetsu Shikai Guide

In our Project Mugetsu Shikai guide, we are going to explain how to unlock and get your Shikai, as well as how to use it. Keep in mind, you will have to put in a lot of effort into obtaining a Shikai, but trust us, it’s absolutely worth it. Even if they’re unnecessarily difficult to activate.

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project mugetsu shikai guide
Project Mugetsu Shikai Guide

How to Get Shikai in Project Mugetsu

To get a Shikai in Project Mugetsu, you first need to be a Soul Reaper. Although, once you reach the requirements to unlock a Shikai of your own, you’ll probably also be a Reaper. Anyways, what you have to do is reach Meditation level twenty and a character level of at least fifteen or above. According to the game’s official Trello, when you meet these requirements, you will then have to fight your Zanpakuto, after which you unlock your Shikai. The Zanpakuto will then go on a twelve-minute cooldown. There are five Shikai currently in the game, all of different rarities: Zangetsu (Common), Hyorinmaru (Uncommon), Kamishini (Rare), Senbonzakura (Rare) and Ryujin Jakka (Legendary).

How to Use Shikai in Project Mugetsu

To use your Shikai in Project Mugetsu, you first need to have your Ignition bar full, aka the blue bar. Next, you have to open the chat and type in a call name and the name of your Shikai, separated by a comma and in quotes. So, it’s basically “(call name), your Shikai.” A call name is any word from the following list: Howl, Bloom, Roar, Devour, Scatter, Reap, Dance, Fly, Awake, Dash, Burst, Sing, and Grow. Any word works with any Shikai, as far as we can tell. If we’re wrong, let us know in the comments. So, for example, if your Shiaki is Zangetsu, you would type, say, “Roar, Zangetsu” to activate it. Not the most intuitive system, but it is what it is.

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