Marvel's Spider-Man Gets E3 Trailer, Shows Off Arkham-Style Combat

The presentation Sony held at this year’s E3 was filled with interesting games, and one of them was Marvel’s Spider Man. It’s supposed to be Spidey’s big return, set in an open world New York, and they’ve decided to give us a glimpse of an early mission, where they could show off all the important features.

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marvel's spider-man e3
Marvel’s Spider-Man E3 trailer

The trailer stars off with a vista of the city, then promptly shows our hero swinging left and right until he reaches a construction site. A gang of Demons are harassing the construction workers, looking to take over Kingpin’s territory. That’s when the demo player takes the wheel into their hands.

Spidey quietly hops all over the place, silently disposing of gang members. He ties them down using his webs, but he also has some cool gadgets, like a mine that shoots out a web, grabs a baddie and pulls them into a wall. There seems to be a lot of freedom of movement, and Spidey even uses his webs to set up a couple of environmental hazards for guards to run into.

After a while, he goes into a fight against several enemies, showing off the combat system. It’s pretty similar to what the Arkham games did, and looks like it has the same sense of flow and lack of challenge. Later on he faces a big, meaty enemy who is affected by his webs like they were… well, spider webs. The environment once again comes to the rescue, as Spidey hurls crates and other objects at him.

The trailer ends with you chasing a helicopter around town. The whole thing looks cinematic in the worst way possible. A lot of what we saw was about taking the control away from players, and cool stuff happening without their input.

We’ll just have to wait for more footage, which will hopefully be out soon. Marvel’s Spider-Man is going to be released exclusively on Playstation 4 at some point next year.

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