Rocket League on Nintendo Switch Coming Holiday Season 2017

Nintendo Switch owners will be able to play Rocket League on their new console starting the holiday season 2017. Nintendo revealed that they’ll be porting the hugely-popular sports game during their E3 presentation. The Switch version of Rocket League will include some exclusives, such as customization items and battle-cars.

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Rocket League on Nintendo Switch Coming Holiday Season 2017
Rocket League on Nintendo Switch Coming Holiday Season 2017

Rocket League originally came out in July 2015, and it took the world by storm. Back in April, the game reached over 30 million registered players, and it’s not showing any signs of slowing down. Since it launched, it slowly made its way to more and more platforms, and now it’s time for it to conquer the Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo announced that they’ll be porting the game over to their hybrid console. It will be another in the series of ports that Nintendo will use to pad out their release schedule until more Switch exclusives come around. The Switch version of Rocket League will make good use of the system’s functions. For example, it will support local wireless multiplayer, meaning you’ll be able to connect several Switches and play with friends (probably up to eight players) in the room. Of course, you’ll also have full cross-network play support, as well.

Additionally, developers Psyonix will throw in some exclusive stuff to sweeten the deal. This includes exclusive battle-cars and customization items. By the looks of it, you’ll be able to put a Mario or Luigi hat on your vehicle, among other things.

Rocket League on the Switch also got a reveal trailer of sorts. It’s pretty short and to the point. Mainly, it lists the features that the port will have to offer, just like we’ve mentioned below. It also reveals that the Switch version will launch during the holiday season of 2017, so you’ll know what to put on your Christmas list. We also get to see a battle-car with a Mario hat on.

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