Super Mario Odyssey Release Date & Trailer Revealed at E3 2017

The long-awaited Super Mario Odyssey got a new trailer during Nintendo’s E3 2017 event. The game also got a release date for October 2017. The main mechanic of the game revolves around Mario’s magic hat, which he can use both as a weapon and to possess enemies. You’ll have to collect Power Moons to run your ship and rescue Princess Peach from getting married to Bowser.

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Super Mario Odyssey Release Date & Trailer Revealed at E3 2017
Super Mario Odyssey Release Date & Trailer Revealed at E3 2017

Super Mario Odyssey, the first Mario game to launch on the Nintendo Switch, finally got a release date. It will come out on October 27th, 2017. So, Nintendo fans, the wait is almost over! As is customary in Mario games, Bowser has kidnapped Princess Peach and intends to force her to marry him. It’s up to Mario to collect Power Moons for his ship The Odyssey. We’ll travel the world and collect power-ups to rescue the princess and defeat Bowser.

The E3 2017 trailer for Super Mario Odyssey shows off a lot of the gameplay, and it looks like a ton of fun. The new thing in the game is how we’ll use Mario’s hat. For one, we can use it as a weapon to fight enemies, break boxes, and hit switches. However, Mario can also use the hat to possess enemies NPCs, and inanimate objects. That way, he can fly as Bullet Bill, swim as one of the piranhas, and even travel through wires as an electric current. Of course, the best part of the whole trailer is that Mario can possess a Tyrannosaur and stomp around. It seems that we’ll also be able to play 2D sections to solve certain puzzles.

It seems that the game will encompass many different areas. We saw a dinosaur area, an urban area, and a lot more. We’ll be able to visit all of them as we travel the land. Apparently, the game is pretty open. There are no Power Moons that Mario has to collect to further the plot. Presumably, some areas will be restricted by the number of Moons you have. You can check out the trailer below.

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