The Coolest Display At E3 - Dark Souls 3 Blood Fountain

When we first arrived at E3 this year and entered the main hall, the first thing to greet us was an ominous, giant sculpture. A place you’d think was reserved for some of the heaviest hitters, like Call of Duty or Assassin’s Creed, was home to a display dedicated to Dark Souls 3.
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It showed two people – one was kneeling with his (or her) hands thrown up in despair, while the other was lying on his back, with a giant sword going through his chest. Oh, and a jet of blackened blood was spraying high up into the air from his wound.

It truly captures the sense of melancholy and slowly-creeping dread that was the trademark of previous Souls games. They might as well have called it “the futility of existence”. It’s really the perfect way to market a game like Dark Souls 3. The staff tending to it was as passionate about the project as we were, so they let us film it. Praise the Sun!

We’d like to thank Computerland, our local videogame distributor, for helping us arrange our meetings and attendance to conferences and demoes.

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