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Mastercrafted Wolf Gear is the final upgrade for Wolven swords and armor in The Witcher 3. It was part of a free DLC.
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If you want it, you first need to go through the basic Wolf School Gear, Enhanced Wolf Gear and Superior Wolf Gear. You have to be at least level 34 if you want to use these items. In this guide, we’ll show you how to find diagrams for crafting the Mastercrafted Wolven Gear, the stats of the items and the materials you’ll need to make them.

We have also prepared for you the following guides:

Mastercrafted Wolven Silver Sword

Head toward the southeastern part of Velen. There is a hidden treasure just northwest of the large Nilfgaardian Army Group, southwest of the Kimbolt Way fast travel point. This area is guarded by a lvl 22 Fiend. If you don’t want to engage it in combat, wait until it is a bit farther from the bodies closest to the wooden hideout. Loot the Bandit’s key from one of the two bodies that are next to each other and unlock the bandit’s hideout. The chest with the Mastercrafted Wolf Diagram piece is inside.

Mastercrafted Wolven Armor

We are still in Velen, this time in the southwestern part of the map. Go east from the Byways fast travel point. You should spot stone stairs with two large statues that lead to the animal shrine. Just next to these stairs is a small, round well. Inside it, you should spot a rather tiny chest. This is where the Mastercrafted Wolf Armor is located.

Mastercrafted Wolven Steel Sword

There’s a Spoils of War POI in southwestern Velen, south of Condyle and west from the Byways fast travel points, a bit farther from the coast. Dive into the water and head into the ship’s hull through the entrance close to the bow. The chest with the diagram is just under the stairs that lead below deck.

Mastercrafted Wolven Gauntlets

We are now at the main Skellige Isle. You can find small stone ruins close to its center, northwest of Boxholm and east from the Fayrlund fast travel point. This area is guarded by the strong monster Morvudd. The chest with the diagram can be found on the stone wall, next to the largest stone structure in this area. You can try to avoid combat with the monster by approaching from the nearby road and jumping onto this wall.

Mastercrafted Wolf Boots

There is a large island in the southwestern corner of the Skellige Isles map. In the eastern part of this island, east from the Dorve Ruins fast travel point, is an area infested with level 13 devourers. There’s a rather tall stone tower in the southeastern part of these ruins. Find the side with many windows and a dead plant crawling up the wall. The Mastercrafted Wolf Boots diagram is located at the bottom of this side of the tower, next to the small stone wall.

Mastercrafted Wolven Trousers

We are now at the farthest northwestern island of the Skellige Isles map. In the southwestern part of this island is a fast travel point called Old Watchtower. Climb on top of the wall, just above the entrance to the Watchtower, to reach the chest with the diagram.

Mastercrafted Wolf Gear Stats

This is a level 34 set of medium weight armor and weapons. You can see all the differences (marked green) between this and the previous set – Superior Wolf Armor – in the picture below . Upgrades for basic stats go in range from 1% up to 7%. Weapons now give 10% critical hit chance, their damage is also higher by 50 for the silver and 40 for the steel weapon. Armor gets boosted by 10 and 25 points.

Witcher 3 Mastercrafted Wolf Gear Stats

Required Materials

Once you gather all of the materials, head to the master armorer and weapon crafter. Items like Armor and Steel Sword require the master blacksmith and armorer for crafting.

Mastercrafted Wolven Silver Sword
  • Superior Wolven Silver Sword x1
  • Leather Scraps x2
  • Dimeritium Ingot x2
  • Monster Feather x1
  • Monster Heart x1
  • 67 Crowns
Mastercrafted Wolven Steel Sword
  • Superior Wolven Steel Sword x1
  • Leather Scraps x2
  • Dimeritium Ingot x2
  • Monster Egg x1
  • Siren Vocal Cords x1
  • 194 Crowns
Mastercrafted Wolven Armor
  • Superior Wolven Armor x1
  • Cured Draconid Leather x2
  • Dimeritium Plate x3
  • Fifth Essence x1
  • Monster Brain x1
  • 222 Crowns
Mastercrafted Wolven Trousers
  • Superior Wolven Trousers x1
  • Silk x2
  • Leather Straps x1
  • Meteorite Silver Ingot x1
  • Monster Egg x1
  • 84 Crowns
Mastercrafted Wolven Boots
  • Superior Wolven Boots x1
  • Hardened Leather x2
  • Meteorite Silver Ingot x1
  • String x2
  • Monster Claw x2
  • 64 Crowns
Mastercrafted Wolven Gauntlets
  • Superior Wolven Gauntlets x1
  • Cured Leather x1
  • Meteorite Silver Plate x1
  • String x2
  • Monster Tongue x2
  • 55 Crowns
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