Vampyr Gameplay Trailer Released During E3 2017

It was only last week that we begrudged Focus Home Interactive for not showing off any gameplay footage in the Vampyr E3 trailer. Thankfully, they were just holding onto an actual video from the game for later, as it turns out. They’ve released it now, a whole ten minute segment with lots to show.

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vampyr gameplay trailer e3 2017
Vampyr gameplay trailer

The video starts off with the protagonist, doctor/vampire Jonathan Reid, meeting with the hospital director and a Guard member. The latter doesn’t really like him much. But the hospital is neutral ground, and no blood shall be spilt there. The director mentions attacks on the hospital, and you can choose how to answer him – all three answers look like they lead down the same path, but they’ll certainly add flavor to your rendering of doctor Reid.

You’re tasked with finding a man you brought there earlier, who turned out to be infected. You gather clues about his whereabouts by talking to people at the docks. We’re shown some vampire skills, like the ability to teleport short distances, or use your Witcher Senses to survey the surroundings.

Then we get to a warehouse, where a couple of goons are waiting to help show us the combat system. You’ll be able to mix and match melee and ranged weapons with vampire abilities to create a fighter that fits your play style. There’s a scene where Reid sneaks through an area where the hunters are fighting against a group of vampires – hopefully, this isn’t a scripted sequence, but a natural occurence in the game.

Finally, Reid finds the man he’s looking for. He’s an important member of his neighborhood, and the way you solve his problem should influence the state of the city. Sadly, he’s gone somewhat mad, and you can choose to either kill him, spare him, or let him drink your blood (for some reason).

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