Sonic Forces Shown Off At Nintendo's E3 Presentation

Sonic Forces has been shown off at Nindendo’s E3 presentation. Maybe you’re not old enough to be bothered by this, but I am. It’s one of those moments I’d never thought I’d see. I guess Sega really does do what Nintendon’t – like show off their new game at a press conference held by their former nemesis. Or release it on said former nemesis’ newest console.

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sonic forces nintendo e3
Sonic Forces E3 2017

The new trailer shows lots of stuff we’ve already seen. Modern Sonic being all 3D, running downhill and jumping lanes. Classic Sonic wondering what the hell he’s doing here some 20-odd years later, instead of enjoying his retirement at a beach somewhere. Yourname the Whateveranimal doing their custom things with their custom equipment and custom looks. That’s old news.

What’s new are the villains – this is the first time we get to see them, and they take center stage. First off, there’s Doctor Robotnik in a flying circus tent with a gattling gun and a cannon that shoots drill bits, as is his way. Then there’s a giant crab robot stomping everything in its way. Shadow The Hedgehog is making a return, and it seems he’s on the wrong side of the fence. Again. We also get to see Metal Sonic (not to be confused with Mecha Sonic), Chaos (the watery elemental god from Sonic Adventures), and some guy I can’t really figure out.

Finally, there’s the main villain of the game – Something the Glitchhog. He levitates, glows red, has an eye missing and spawns a bunch of red cubes all around him. He’s exciting and new!

Sonic Forces is going to launch later this year, during the holidays. It’s going to come out on PC, Playstation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Just a few more months before we can JOIN THE UPRISING.

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