ESO Elsweyr Has a Release Date And A New Trailer

The next expansion for Elder Scrolls Legend, called Elsweyr, now has a fancy cinematic trailer and a release date. It’s going to be released during the summer, as these things usually are, and it’s going to let you explore a new region, play as a new class and see actual, real dragons. It’s part of the year-long Season of Dragons adventure, which is just a fancy name for what other games call a season.

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eso elsweyr release date
ESO Elsweyr Has a Release Date And A New Trailer

The new class is the Necromancer – that guy that doesn’t get his hands dirty, per se, but instead raises armies of dead ‘uns to fight in his stead. Summoning magic was never the strong suit of Elder Scrolls games, so it’s going to be interesting seeing how the devs tackle this one. As for the region, Elsweyr, it’s the home of the Khajiit, the bipedal, anthropomorphic cat folk. Excepts fetch quests involving cleaning out litter boxes and collecting balls of yarn.

Joking aside, it should be fun. It’s a whole new place to explore, possibly with the chance to see the Khajiit in all their various forms, and not only the one that has been featured in the mainline games.

Dragons are going to play a big part in this episode – you can tell by the name of the season, and the several giant, flying lizards featured in the trailer below. It starts off with a pair of adventurers carelessly walking into some ruins and accidentally opening the giant door with three seals, letting out the reptilian menace. It then switches to an Argonian crew transporting a prisoner towards a grandiose city in the desert, and an imminent dragon ambush.

If you preorder the expansion, you’ll get a new outfit, a mount, a pet, a crate and “more”. As far as dangling carrots go, it’s not much, but if you’re playing the game actively, you’re probably going to get it either way.

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