eso server maintenance & downtime

ESO Server Maintenance & Downtime

The ESO server maintenance and downtime is happening more often these days than before, leading to players not being able to play the game and being confused as to why. On top of that, Bethesda doesn’t do the best job of communicating this. That’s why we’ve written this guide, so that you can know whether…


eso event tickets for daedric war

ESO Event Tickets for Daedric War

ESO Event Tickets for Daedric War are special tickets that you can earn for completing dailies in specific areas of the game. You can then…

ESO Vvardenfell Striking Locales

ESO Vvardenfell Striking Locales

Elder Scrolls Online (ESO for short) is an MMO in which you explore the fantastical continent of Tamriel on the mortal plane of Nirn. Tamriel…

eso set station clockwork city locations

ESO Set Station Clockwork City Locations

ESO set station Clockwork City locations are places where you can craft different sets in this particular area. Thee are three such places that you…


ESO Frosted Brains Recipe

ESO Frosted Brains Recipe

As you no doubt already know, the Witches Festival Event in ESO is underway. During this Halloween-themed event, you will be able to collect many…

eso witches grab bag

ESO Witches Grab Bag

ESO Witches Grab Bag are special new blind bags that you can get at the Impresario during the Halloween event. Since they do cost you,…

eso essence of death

ESO Essence of Death

Essence of Death in ESO is a special item that you have to get to complete the Witchmother’s Bargain Halloween event quest that Witchmother Olyve…

wrothgar striking locales eso

Wrothgar Striking Locales ESO

Wrothgar ESO Striking Locales are places that you can visit and count towards your overall exploration of an area. In fact, you can even earn…

eso blackwood release time

ESO Blackwood Release Time

The ESO Blackwood release time and date is just around the corner, and people are wondering when they can start playing the new content. As…