ESO Horns of The Reach Dungeon & PvP Details Revealed

Horns of the Reach is an upcoming piece of Elder Scrolls Online DLC. It’s going to bring two new dungeons into the game, along with a new Battleground map and mode, as well as tweaks and improvements to various existing mechanics. It’s due in August, and we’ve finally got some serious info on it.

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eso horns of the reach details
Horns of the Reach info

The details come via a new post on the ESO blog. I talks at length about the upcoming additions, and tries to untangle the mess of who gets what. Firstly, the new dungeons – they’ll be available to ESO Plus subscribers or people who buy the DLC through the Crown store.

Bloodroot Forge will let you explore an ancient workshop discovered by the minotaurs. It was made by Hircine, the Daedric prince of the Hunt, and it can create some pretty awesome weapons. It will be thick with flora, with some lava streams for good measure, and it will end with fighting a guy called Gherig Bullblood.

Falkreath Hold, on the other hand, will let you defend a stronghold from a siege. It will end in the Jarl’s hall, where you’ll have to fight the invading warlord, Domihaus the Bloody-Horned. Both will include normal and veteran difficulty, and reward you with fancy new item sets.

The new Battlegrounds map is called Arcane University, and it’s set in a magic school in the Imperial City. You won’t need to purchase the Imperial City DLC to access it, but you will need to own ESO Morrowind. The new game mode is called Chaos Ball, and it rewards you with points for having control of a particular orb. However, the orb will drain health from the holding team, as well as debuffing their armor.

Finally, the small improvements available to everyone will include the ability to cancel research projects, a guild invite history, and the ability to deposit alliance points and writ vouchers into the bank. The update will go live on PTS next week, if you’re itching for an early start.

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