ESO Morrowind Steam Early Access is Having Issues

The early access version of ESO Morrowind is live – this means all PC players who preorder the appropiate edition can already start playing, two full weeks before their console comrades. Some of those PC players have preordered the expansion on Steam, and they’re having some trouble with it. Namely, a number of players are reporting being unable to access the DLC content, even though they’ve downloaded it.

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eso morrowind steam early access issues
ESO Morrowind early access on Steam has some issues

Luckily, there seems to be an easy way to get around this issue: simply untick the Morrowind DLC from the DLC section of Elder Scrolls Online in your Steam Library (it’s on the right when you select the game), run it, close it, tick the DLC again and start the game. The content should now be available. If this doesn’t help, you should contact support – either Steam’s own, or Bethesda’s – and tell them about the problem.

Once you’re past that initial hurdle, a beautiful island will open up to you. You can carry on playing with your old character, or start a new one, maybe with the new Warden class? There’s a bunch of quests to complete, which will take you all over the island. While you’re questing, you might want to collect the new Vvardenfell skyshards, or try to crack the puzzles of the Vvardenfell treasure maps. Everything scales to your level, so you can do things in any order you like.

Make sure to check out the new gear as well – especially if you’re a nostalgic TES3 fan. There are sets of glass armor, ordinator outfits, ashlander costumes… A lot of cool stuff to bring back the fond memories. If you’re interested in playing alongside other people, you should definitely check out the Halls of Fabrication trial, the new dungeon set in the fabled Clockwork City.

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