Vvardenfell Map Datamined from Elder Scrolls Online

A map of the island of Vvardenfell was found deep within Elder Scrolls Online when one player took to datamining the game. Aside from the map, Reddit user FloorBelow also found tilesets for different architecture styles featured on the island. Does this mean Vvardenfell is coming to ESO in an expansion? We certainly hope so.

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eso vvardenfell map datamined
Elder Scrolls Online Vvardenfell

While digging through the game’s files, FloorBelow discovered the map, which is pretty similar to the one from The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind. Of course, this being another time period, some things are bound to be different. For instance, there is no Foreign Quarter in Vivec. There is also no Imperial presence, which means no Caldera, no Ebonheart and no Imperial Garrisons.

They found a bunch of tilesets as well, with names corresponding to known architecture current present on the island:

  • Hlaalu (run of the mill clay buildings)
  • Redoran (housing in the shells of giant molluscs)
  • Telvanni (giant mushroom dwellings)
  • Vivec (cascading towers)
  • Molag Mar
  • Velothi
  • Dunmer strongholds
  • Dwemer ruins

If you want to check out the map in more detail, you can find an uncompressed version here. It’s pretty detailed – if you’ve played TES3, you’re bound to recognize most of it. Since the map is present, the team is probably working on a DLC based around it. It would be interesting to see what the place looked like before being colonised. There would obviously be a big shift in attitude from the locals – they may not like outsiders, but they’d probably tolerate them if they weren’t forced to abide by their rules.

If the DLC happens, ESO players will probably get the chance to meet at least one other member of the Tribunal, which would be a nice treat. Let’s just pray to a higher power they include no cliffracers.

Source: Reddit
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