ESO Witches Festival Halloween Event Release Time, Date, Rewards

This year’s ESO Halloween Event, the Witches Festival, is almost upon us. And, as usual, it will come with loads of rewards that you can get. Besides all these goodies, which we will discuss down below, this event also introduces a new daily quest called “Plucking the Crow”. You can receive it from Witchmother Taerma, and it involves you collecting 50 Cursed Feathers. After that, your character will be transported to a special new realm, where you will battle a new boss. If you are interested in learning more about this gruesome event, our ESO Witches Festival Halloween Event Release Time, Date, Rewards guide has all the info you need to know right here.

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ESO Witches Festival Halloween Event Release Time, Date, Rewards

Witches Festival – ESO Halloween Event Release Time & Date

The Witches Festival event in the Elder Scrolls Online will last from Thursday, October 21st at 10 AM EDT, and will last until Tuesday, November 2nd, at 10 AM EDT. In order to take part in the event, you need to do the following:

  • Log into the game during the event.
  • Open the Crown Store.
  • Once there, go to the “Holiday” section inside.
  • Select the “Witches Festival” quest to begin it.
  • Complete “The Witchmother’s Bargain” quest. This will get you the Witchmother’s Whistle memento. Note that you do not need to acquire it if you’ve already gotten it in a past event.
  • Use the Witchmother’s Whistle. You will get a two-hour 100% buff to earned XP and will summon the Witchmother’s Cauldron.
  • When you use the Witchmother’s Cauldron, it will transform you into an Undead.

ESO Witches Festival Halloween Event 2021 Rewards

The main way you will get rewards in the Witches Festival Halloween Event is through Plunder Skulls. Each time you defeat a boss enemy, you are guaranteed to get a Plunder Skull from it. These contain the following rewards:

  • Fragments of the new Witch-Tamed Bear Dog pet called Bonedust Pigments (you need to collect 10 of these fragments to craft it).
  • Hollowjack style items.
  • Dremora style items.
  • Witches Festival-themed recipes.
  • Witches Festival-themed furnishings and furnishing recipes.
  • Bewitching Alchemy reagents.
  • Other creepy and valuable items.

Also, when you defeat a boss type for the first time, you will get a special Dremora Plunder Skull. Besides the aforementioned items, it can also contain these as well:

  • Dremora Motif chapter pages.
  • Witches Festival Writs. Completing these Writs will net you the Witch hat collectible and the “Witch” title.
  • Glenmoril Treasure Maps. Use this map to locate Glenmoril Weapon Style pages which are littered all across Tamriel.
  • Glenmoril Armor Outfit Style pages.
  • Grave Dancer Weapon Style pages.
  • New Marshmallow Toasty Treat emote Runebox.
  • New Bonefire memento Runebox.

You will get one of two Dremora Motif chapter pages, depending on the type of boss you have defeated.

  • Final Arena Bosses drop Dremora Motif pages (Bows and Legs).
  • Dark Anchor, Geyser Bosses, Craglorn Focus Points, Harrowstorms, and zone Dragons drop Dremora Motif pages (Daggers and Gloves).
  • Delve Bosses drop Dremora Motif pages (Staves and Belts).
  • Final Dungeon Bosses drop Dremora Motif pages (Helmets and Maces).
  • Public Dungeon, Imperial City Bosses, and Quest Bosses drop Dremora Motif pages (Shields and Boots).
  • Final Trial Bosses drop Dremora Motif pages (Swords and Chests).
  • World Bosses drop Dremora Motif pages (Shoulders and Axes).

Additionally, you can earn up to 2 Event Tickets from the first monster boss you defeat every day. When you factor in the length of the event, this means that you can get 26 Event Tickets in total. You can spend these tickets at the Impresario for these items:

  • Unstable Morpholith pet fragments (The Deadlands Flint, Rune-Etched Striker, and Smoldering Bloodgrass Tinder).
  • The Scorching Pillar and Searing Column fragments for Doomchar Plateau.
  • Marshmallow Toasty Treat Emote.
  • Witch’s Bonfire Dust Memento.
  • Bonedust Pigments Fragments for the Witch-Tamed Bear-Dog pet.
  • Lots of spooky furnishings.
  • Group Repair Kits.
  • Witches Grab Bags.
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