This full sett of T-51 can be found near Old North Church in a locked cage near some containers by the seashore. You’ll have to hack the terminal to get in.


  1. W

    Found the armor, but it was an incomplete set of T45, so I loaded a save, came back, it was a full set of T51, but I got into the armor and it like reverted back to the incomplete T45 armor. It did this twice btw.

  2. L

    For me I’m not finding anything but t45

  3. R

    Tried the highway by grey garden and found t45. Then tried this place, what a score! Completed the collection with this t51 find. I stupidly sold mine early in game for some caps.. worth noting I’m level 43 so all I’ve been finding was t60. Also beat the quest line with the minutemen and this location was one of their checkpoints. Good score!

  4. S

    i went there right before going into the Old North Church at level 22 and 3/4 and it was a full set of T51 in all its glory either hack the teminal or take Nick with you

  5. T

    For me it was a full set of T-60, I was level 20 at the time of discovery

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