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Power Armor is a special type of armor/suit in Fallout 4. It’s extremely powerful and provides great protection from all kinds of damage.
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It is more of a vehicle than other kinds of armor. To even be able to move around in it you need Fusion Cores to fuel it. There are five versions out there: Raider, T-45, T-51, T-60 and X-01.

At lower levels you will only encounter T-45 and T-51. T-60 can be bought at different factions and X-01 only spawns in high level areas after you are level 40 level 28 and above (NOTE: higher the level you are more pieces of armor will you find, with better mods). Each version of the armor has several sub-variants (T-45a, T-45b, X-01 MKIII and so on – these are all based on the mods these armors already have on them) and they have better stats than the base version, but with mods you can get the base version up to speed as well.Fallout 4 Power Armors Don’t forget that you can change the color of your Power Armor and even get bonuses for that. This guide will discuss about different power armor versions and show you where to find all Power Armors in Fallout 4.

Overboss, Nuka T-51f, Quantum X-01 Mk.5 Power Armor

Nuka World Power Armor are new sets added to Fallout 4 in the latest DLC. Some of them are just left to rot in the amusement park, while others are pretty hard to get. This guide will show you all Nuka World power armor locations in Fallout 4, what they look like.

Tesla T-60 Power Armor

automatron tesla armor Tesla Armor is a brand new power armor added to Fallout 4 with the Automatron DLC. This modified version of the T-60 suit has the same stats as the basic T-60, but each piece increases your energy damage. This guide will show you Tesla Armor location.

Piezonucleic Power Armor

Piezonucleic Power Armor is a chest piece for a power armor suit in Fallout 4. It provides decent protection, but it also provides faster AP regeneration when you’re irradiated.

Raider Power Armor

Fallout 4 Raider Power armorThis is the weakest of the versions. It is usually worn by more powerful Raider enemies in their encampments. Once you defeat these enemies you can loot them for their power armor parts (they are usually damaged after a fight so you will have to repair them at your base). There is also one fixed location for this type and it can be found in the very irradiated and dangerous Glowing Sea region of Commonwealth (all the way to the southwest of the map). The fast travel point is called simply Cave and inside is the raider armor.
Left Arm5025150
Right Arm5025150
Left Leg5025150
Right Leg5025150

T-45 Power Armor Looks and Locations

Fallout 4 T-45 Power ArmorThis is the first Power Armor you will get in the game. Full set of armor becomes available while you do one of the first main story missions When Freedom Calls. Base version has more defense and HP than Raider version so revert to Raider only if you misplace the one you got during the quest. If you are around level 10 you can find T-45 in several locations in the world (later you will find T-51 instead – type of armor you find in the world is usually related to the current level of your character).
Left Arm5030150
Right Arm5030150
Left Leg5030150
Right Leg5030150

T-51 Power Armor

Fallout 4 T-51 Power ArmorThis is a clear upgrade over the initial Power armor. Parts of this armor can be found in many places throughout the game world. You better start looking for it when you are above level 15 so you don’t accidentally get T-45 spawned instead. This is a great power armor to bridge you through mid game, until you join the Brotherhood of Steel, where you’ll get better armor.
Left Arm9060150
Right Arm9060150
Left Leg9060150
Right Leg9060150

T-60 Power Armor Locations

Fallout 4 T-60 Power Armor You will have to work quite a bit to get your hands on some T-60 pieces. There are two ways I know of that you can get them. One is to become a Knight of the Brotherhood of Steel. After you progress enough through the main story, a big skyship will appear above Boston and you will now have a new radio station to tune into – “Military Frequency AF95”. After you do that, you will get a new quest to go to Cambridge Police Station and just keep doing quests from there. Once you join the Brotherhood of Steel, you will either have to keep doing quests for them until you get high enough rank that they let you on the Prydwen, or, if you already managed to finish Act II of the main story, you will automatically get access to their skyship. Once you get on the Prydwen, you can buy BOS T-60b set from the vendor called Proctor Teagan (I believe they also give you set of armor for free and it is located in Bay 3 along with other Brotherhood of Steel armors).

If you do not want to deal with the Brotherhood of Steel you can always visit the Atom Cats garage, where you can purchase their version of T-60 from their vendor, Rowdy (depending on your level and affiliations they might ask of you to do some favors first). If you are brave enough you can steal the Atom Cats T-60 from their yard or kill them all and loot it from their cold dead hands.

For more places where you can get this suit, take a look at our T-60 Power Armor Locations guide.
Left Arm13085150
Right Arm13085150
Left Leg13085150
Right Leg13085150

X-01 Power Armor Locations, Look and Stats

Fallout 4 X-01 Power ArmorX-01 power armor is the most sought after piece of equipment and also the most elusive. Only high level adventurers will be able to gain access to it and strut around the Commonwealth proudly. There are two locations I know of that contain this armor. Do not attempt getting to them before you are around level 40 level 28 (haven’t confirmed the exact level, sometimes level 30 was too low at some of the locations). If you go there while at a low level (and survive) you will just find the T-60 armor instead, which is a shame. X-01 is more of a prestige item, because you have more than likely finished the game by that point, but it never hurts to own the best of the best.

The first location is in the Glowing Sea. There is a secret installation inside a shack there. It is filled with dangerous synths (which are friendly if you are on good terms with the Institute). You’ll find the armor at the bottom level next to the stairs.

The second location is close to Custom House Tower (just west of it). There is a building called 35 Court there. Enter and take the elevator up (it’s just left of the entrance). Once you get to the rooftop, two high level robots will attack you. If you manage to defeat them, you should activate the two switches in the alcoves from which the robots attacked you. This will unlock the cell containing the X-01.

If you want more locations, check out our guide on where to find X-01 Power Armor.
Left Arm170110150
Right Arm170110150
Left Leg170110150
Right Leg170110150

Power Armor Tips

  • Power Armor needs a fusion core to run.
  • There’s a perk related to its duration.
  • You can sprint and jump while in Power Armor.
  • When in power armor carry weight threshold and rad resistance are higher but you’ll move much slower.
  • You can enter buildings while in Power Armor without problems.
  • Even though it’s robust, you can sneak and fast travel while in your Power Armor.
  • Equipping it will increase your Strength to 11.
  • Power Armor has the best radiation resistance, and can be modded with jetpacks and other useful mods.
  • You can get modes by completing quests or defeating enemies with proper equipment.
  • Traders that sell Power Armor parts usually have some fusion cores in stock as well
  • Always thoroughly search around Power Armor stations, and in camps where you fight enemies using these suits, you’ll find fusion cores there.
  • Power Armor can be damaged, and needs frequent repairs.
  • While wearing Power Armor you lose any bonuses from other armor items.
  • Power Armor can be stolen!

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