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Power Armor is a special type of armor/suit in Fallout 4. It’s extremely powerful and provides great protection from all kinds of damage.
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It is more of a vehicle than other kinds of armor. To even be able to move around in it you need Fusion Cores to fuel it. There are five versions out there: Raider, T-45, T-51, T-60 and X-01.

At lower levels you will only encounter T-45 and T-51. T-60 can be bought at different factions and X-01 only spawns in high level areas after you are level 40 level 28 and above (NOTE: higher the level you are more pieces of armor will you find, with better mods). Each version of the armor has several sub-variants (T-45a, T-45b, X-01 MKIII and so on – these are all based on the mods these armors already have on them) and they have better stats than the base version, but with mods you can get the base version up to speed as well.Fallout 4 Power Armors Don’t forget that you can change the color of your Power Armor and even get bonuses for that. This guide will discuss about different power armor versions and show you where to find all Power Armors in Fallout 4.

Overboss, Nuka T-51f, Quantum X-01 Mk.5 Power Armor

Nuka World Power Armor are new sets added to Fallout 4 in the latest DLC. Some of them are just left to rot in the amusement park, while others are pretty hard to get. This guide will show you all Nuka World power armor locations in Fallout 4, what they look like.

Tesla T-60 Power Armor

automatron tesla armor Tesla Armor is a brand new power armor added to Fallout 4 with the Automatron DLC. This modified version of the T-60 suit has the same stats as the basic T-60, but each piece increases your energy damage. This guide will show you Tesla Armor location.

Piezonucleic Power Armor

Piezonucleic Power Armor is a chest piece for a power armor suit in Fallout 4. It provides decent protection, but it also provides faster AP regeneration when you’re irradiated.

Raider Power Armor

Fallout 4 Raider Power armorThis is the weakest of the versions. It is usually worn by more powerful Raider enemies in their encampments. Once you defeat these enemies you can loot them for their power armor parts (they are usually damaged after a fight so you will have to repair them at your base). There is also one fixed location for this type and it can be found in the very irradiated and dangerous Glowing Sea region of Commonwealth (all the way to the southwest of the map). The fast travel point is called simply Cave and inside is the raider armor.
Left Arm5025150
Right Arm5025150
Left Leg5025150
Right Leg5025150

T-45 Power Armor Looks and Locations

Fallout 4 T-45 Power ArmorThis is the first Power Armor you will get in the game. Full set of armor becomes available while you do one of the first main story missions When Freedom Calls. Base version has more defense and HP than Raider version so revert to Raider only if you misplace the one you got during the quest. If you are around level 10 you can find T-45 in several locations in the world (later you will find T-51 instead – type of armor you find in the world is usually related to the current level of your character).
Left Arm5030150
Right Arm5030150
Left Leg5030150
Right Leg5030150

T-51 Power Armor

Fallout 4 T-51 Power ArmorThis is a clear upgrade over the initial Power armor. Parts of this armor can be found in many places throughout the game world. You better start looking for it when you are above level 15 so you don’t accidentally get T-45 spawned instead. This is a great power armor to bridge you through mid game, until you join the Brotherhood of Steel, where you’ll get better armor.
Left Arm9060150
Right Arm9060150
Left Leg9060150
Right Leg9060150

T-60 Power Armor Locations

Fallout 4 T-60 Power Armor You will have to work quite a bit to get your hands on some T-60 pieces. There are two ways I know of that you can get them. One is to become a Knight of the Brotherhood of Steel. After you progress enough through the main story, a big skyship will appear above Boston and you will now have a new radio station to tune into – “Military Frequency AF95”. After you do that, you will get a new quest to go to Cambridge Police Station and just keep doing quests from there. Once you join the Brotherhood of Steel, you will either have to keep doing quests for them until you get high enough rank that they let you on the Prydwen, or, if you already managed to finish Act II of the main story, you will automatically get access to their skyship. Once you get on the Prydwen, you can buy BOS T-60b set from the vendor called Proctor Teagan (I believe they also give you set of armor for free and it is located in Bay 3 along with other Brotherhood of Steel armors).

If you do not want to deal with the Brotherhood of Steel you can always visit the Atom Cats garage, where you can purchase their version of T-60 from their vendor, Rowdy (depending on your level and affiliations they might ask of you to do some favors first). If you are brave enough you can steal the Atom Cats T-60 from their yard or kill them all and loot it from their cold dead hands.

For more places where you can get this suit, take a look at our T-60 Power Armor Locations guide.
Left Arm13085150
Right Arm13085150
Left Leg13085150
Right Leg13085150

X-01 Power Armor Locations, Look and Stats

Fallout 4 X-01 Power ArmorX-01 power armor is the most sought after piece of equipment and also the most elusive. Only high level adventurers will be able to gain access to it and strut around the Commonwealth proudly. There are two locations I know of that contain this armor. Do not attempt getting to them before you are around level 40 level 28 (haven’t confirmed the exact level, sometimes level 30 was too low at some of the locations). If you go there while at a low level (and survive) you will just find the T-60 armor instead, which is a shame. X-01 is more of a prestige item, because you have more than likely finished the game by that point, but it never hurts to own the best of the best.

The first location is in the Glowing Sea. There is a secret installation inside a shack there. It is filled with dangerous synths (which are friendly if you are on good terms with the Institute). You’ll find the armor at the bottom level next to the stairs.

The second location is close to Custom House Tower (just west of it). There is a building called 35 Court there. Enter and take the elevator up (it’s just left of the entrance). Once you get to the rooftop, two high level robots will attack you. If you manage to defeat them, you should activate the two switches in the alcoves from which the robots attacked you. This will unlock the cell containing the X-01.

If you want more locations, check out our guide on where to find X-01 Power Armor.
Left Arm170110150
Right Arm170110150
Left Leg170110150
Right Leg170110150

Power Armor Tips

  • Power Armor needs a fusion core to run.
  • There’s a perk related to its duration.
  • You can sprint and jump while in Power Armor.
  • When in power armor carry weight threshold and rad resistance are higher but you’ll move much slower.
  • You can enter buildings while in Power Armor without problems.
  • Even though it’s robust, you can sneak and fast travel while in your Power Armor.
  • Equipping it will increase your Strength to 11.
  • Power Armor has the best radiation resistance, and can be modded with jetpacks and other useful mods.
  • You can get modes by completing quests or defeating enemies with proper equipment.
  • Traders that sell Power Armor parts usually have some fusion cores in stock as well
  • Always thoroughly search around Power Armor stations, and in camps where you fight enemies using these suits, you’ll find fusion cores there.
  • Power Armor can be damaged, and needs frequent repairs.
  • While wearing Power Armor you lose any bonuses from other armor items.
  • Power Armor can be stolen!

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  1. E

    Just north along the road from County Crossing is an old military caravan. In the one vehicle you can enter is a power armor suit containing T-51b Torso, T-51 Right Leg , and T-51 Left Leg.

    1. S

      I thought the number of parts depends on your level (or luck)? Weirdly enough I found it with those exact parts tho, around lvl 13-14.

      1. K

        NO because its can depend of your game lvl also i been playing on survival and i ALLREADY HAVE MOST POWER ARMOR PARTS SO I THINK ITS LVLV PLUSS GAME DIFFUCALT

        1. S
          Sir Texas Sir

          Higher game diffucalts gives you better chance at legendary and better loot so you re correct.

        2. E
          Eric Cartmam

          Screw you kyle!

    2. J

      with the t51 on the bridge instead of that I got t45 ?????????????????

      1. Z

        so did i and im a level 56

      2. D

        Ur level affects what u get

      3. P

        I’ve had that happen before and I have a theory on why. I was at the South Boston Military Checkpoint early in the game when I was pretty low level, maybe 10 or 11 or so, but for whatever reason I never ventured around back where that cage was. When I finally did return, fully intending to score the suit back there, I was somewhere in the mid 60s level wise. The suit in the cage was a T-45 and missing an arm to boot. I’ve had this happen at a few other places I revisited to retrieve a previously unnoticed suit. HOWEVER, when I’ve stumbled upon one at a location I’ve never been to before, I’ve had more than a few turn out to be X-01s. My theory, which may be total BS, is that if you happen upon the area and get within a certain distance of the suit, whatever level you were at that first time determines the level of the suit when you finally discover it. That would explain why someone finds an X-01 at the same place I find a busted T-45 even tho I’m 20 levels above them. I’m at level 84 now and have a stable full of power armor suits, and it’s been a crapshoot as to what I find at any given location.

      4. N

        what level are u

        1. 4

          would i be able to mix both t-45 and t 51 parts together becaus i have those 2 and i cant decide which one to wear

      5. L
        Lord Farquad

        I got a t45 too and I’m lvl 38

      6. N

        Somtimes that happens to me but i was at 35 court, got to were the power armor was. It looked like T-60 but were I went to loot it it said that it was X-01 armor.

    3. M

      I found 3 parts of X-01 in that place tho..was almost level 30 i think

      1. P
        Preston Garvey

        That doesn’t surprise me, X-01 spawns from level 28 up.

        Also, another settlement needs your help.

      2. X

        Michael what parts did you get

    4. A

      It’s different for everyone you know

  2. F

    While wearing Power Armor you lose any bonuses from other armor items.

    I think this part is kinda incorrect for me. At quest Out of Fire end line before the boss (no spoiler), there’s a high Charisma check regarding the NPC. I failed it miserably because my Charisma is only 6. Of course, I load the game, jump out, wearing the Charisma + 3 suit then suit on Power Armor again (although the following battles give some tough results). Successful. Hope this helps.

    1. S

      Are you serious Faris? Your expectation is that a suit that grants +3 charisma should still do so if the suit can’t be seen by NPCs? You do realize that the reason WHY it grants charisma bonus is because it alters people’s perceptions of you? IRL, if I have a tuxedo and impeccably groomed hair, people will probably like me more, but if I cover it up with a trenchcoat soaked in cat urine and a nasty looking wig…. which do you think is going to have more impact on people?

      1. T

        I’ve tested this. Damage resistances from your clothes/armor are nullified. The basic frame seems to have a DR of about 50 each. SPECIAL bonuses and Exceptions (extra features on Exceptional, Legendary, and Unique items) seem to still be in effect, even if your Pipboy does not always reflect them.

        1. S
          Sir Texas Sir

          If you check your pipboy stats and look at the armors you can tell this is true. I run the app on my iPad so I can use it in game without bring up the pipboy and I did a little check on this and notice the armor you have on under the power armor doesn’t add to it. Now what I need to check is if the piece is damaged (out of HP’s) does your armor below take it place? Need to look at this.

      2. C
        Chillax d

        Wow, chill out Starwaster – it’s not real life. If it worked for him, it worked for him. And if you wore your tuxedo and groomed hair, but still had that same attitude towards other people’s comments, I guarantee you that they will not “like” you more.

      3. L
        Levi Chambers

        ^ What an asshat.

      4. A

        Godbless you, Starwaster. God.Bless.You.

  3. M

    How to get T-60 Armour easy:

    1. Ensure you have a spare Power Armour Frame at your fav location.
    2. Find and travel to the Atoms Cats Garage. South of the “Castle”.
    3. Find the T-60 Power Armour standing alone, and disarm the laser trap beside it.
    4. Get hidden and steal it, quickly fast travel to your fav location with the spare frame.
    5. Transfer the Atom Cat T-60 Armour to the new frame. *No longer stolen*!
    6. Head back to Atom Cats and buy the T-60 Atom Cat Helmet and done.

    One full set of T-60 Atom Cat Armour at the mere low, low price of one helmet.
    Oh and the frame that you stole is still considered stolen so, lose it.

    1. K

      Or if you pickpocket the core out of somone whos wearing powerarmor, Then you can just take the parts off of it.

    2. B

      well played!

    3. K

      Funny thing is, just met the cats, went in, took it, nobody said a thing. Did the same thing with the one inside their garage, they only cared once I started crafting it, oh well.. killed Duke and the other power armour guys, took their shit and got out of there. Worth it.

      1. W
        William Patrick

        The same thing happened to me. I took both frames, and the didn’t care. came back to the garage while wearing the frame later and they started attacking me. I wanted them to live. but if I let them live, I wouldn’t have 5 full sets of atom cats t-60 armor.

    4. P

      LOL I just go travel about with Danse the Banished and wait for a BOS patrol to stumble upon us. Then, after Danse and I have wiped them out, I go steal all the parts off their fully intact T-60 suits, jet back to Nordhagen to my power armor garage, and put the pieces on a frame that once sported crappy raider armor.

  4. J

    Lvl 31 and stubbled across 2 sets at national guard out post (one was missing helmet & a arm)

    1. T

      I was just at the National Guard Training Ground, and found a full set of T-51, and a T-60 missing Helmet and Right Arm. The T-51 was in a container behind the buildings, next to the Sentry Bot bay. It needs Expert or Master lock picking. The T-60 was in the building in front of the Sentry Bot. Expert or Master lock picking and a Terminal with locked door. The terminal can be opened with the password found in National Guard Training Ground main building.

      1. L
        Lemming Overlord

        Same here. T-51 and T-60. I now have 5 suits of power armor and nowhere to go 😀

        Seriously, tho’. I read that if I reached the training yard with sufficently high level (I was LVL19), there was a chance to spawn an X-01 suit.

        PS: spending far too much time on building settlements (and finding scrap steel and wood) to enjoy trodding around in Power Armor

        1. B

          Yeah I was a little over lvl 30 when I went there and found a X-01.

          1. M

            Im now lvl 32 (so im guessing after 30 is ok) and i was mainly doing small side quests during the first part of me playing the game i started really getting into doing quest at lvl 25 or something like that, once i reached the training military base to find the lost botherhood of steel member (side quest for BOS) i was already at lvl 32 so once i found the one room which had the suit with a missing leg and helmet i walked outside. in that container i was able to find the full set and had cait pick the lock (had to make her do it 3 times before she was eventually able to crack it) ad now i have those. So yeah i would personally suggest getting to build your settlements first do small non story effecting side quests (looking for stuff killing ghouls helping discover new settlements) and by the time you have them in a good spot you can take the serious route and do the actual quests and watch your lvl sky rocket as you began to find awesome stuff including the x-01. A side note i only have 7 power frames (one bare, one full raider, one half raider, one half x-01, one full x-01, one BOS, one t-45) so im more than sure im going to only be finding the x-01’s from now on and i havent even reached the glowing sea yet 😉

      2. M

        When i went to the national guard armory i was level 18 and found a t51b armor set without the helmet, left leg and left arm missing so yeah.

  5. T

    There is a set of X-01 armor (missing the helmet) you can find during the Big Dig mission in Goodneighbor, not sure that you can get to it after the mission but during the mission you will get to a point the Mel has a robot that sends out sound waves to break up dirt. Pretty early on, I think it is the first or second room you “sound dig” into, you will find several pillars and generator on a ledge with Fusion Core and 3 Mirelurks. If you hop on the ledge, get the Fusion Core and turn right, you will see a Fragile Wall. Behind that wall is a Legendary Mirelurk King that looks like a red Deathclaw and the X-01 Armor.

    1. B

      found this too. Annoying that it is incomplete though. I’m wondering if the other pieces are down there somewhere.

    2. R

      I found X-01 power armor but the only piece missing is a left leg which is pretty damn annoying.

    3. D

      I found a X-01 Helmet in the armory of the Prydwen, pretty easy to steal if you have master lockpicking or hacking. Hope that helps you complete your suit.

    4. L

      For some reason I only found incomplete T60 power armour in the room- missing both arms :L No X-01 in sight

      1. L

        same i found the t-60 same as you and no x-01 in sight etheir

        1. G

          You guys didnt spawn x-01’s because you went in with a lower lvl. you must be above lvl 28 to spawn the x-01’s otherwise you will get t-60’s

    5. A

      I found a set of x01 just on the side of the road walking south from Natick Banks during the mission. “The glowing sea”. it wad missing the helm and both legs tho :/ I was lvl 30 when I found it.

    6. J
      Joshua Cummings

      I found all but the left arm, and right leg down the road from Natick Banks heading towards the Glowing Sea. It’s at the dead end.

    7. J

      Found an x01 also, was probably around lvl 30 or so at the time. Found during the Big Dig mission. Also was missing the left leg.

  6. C

    The level requirments for finding the T-51 are wrong, you must be above level 20

    1. Y

      Not necessarily true, I found a full suit of T-51 near Fort Hagen at lvl 15

      1. J

        I found t51 I’m lvl 16

    2. L

      No i found parts for it in a camo at level 16

    3. G

      i think you mean for the x-01’s… You must be lvl 28 or higher to spawn x-01 otherwise you will get t-45, t-51 and t-60’s

  7. C

    (later you will find T-51 instead – type of armor you find in the world is usually related to the current level of your character)

    So if I come across a locked power armor, will it stay the same even if I level up and come back ?

    1. T

      I think not. I discovered few locations which contained Power Armors at low level, but didn’t know about them and didn’t even find them. I’ve returned there at level 30-35 I found only t-45s.

    2. D

      The level doesnt matter believe me, i think its your luck because i found a complete x-01 while i was level 28 and its supposed to be found while in level 40 or higher that lecel thing its bullshit

      1. G

        Daniel, it spwans at lvl 28, but being above 36, has a chance for X-01 Mk.III.

  8. A

    I have two pieces of X-01, torso and left leg and I’m only level 28. Honestly couldn’t tell you where I found them because I was pretty tired at that point!

    1. B
      Bodie Broadus

      Would be awesome if you could remember. Because I found an incomplete set near one of the National Guard outposts, and it’s missing those two pieces.

      1. R

        i found some X-01 slightly west of the murkwater settlement next to a downed vertibird

  9. S
    Some dude

    There is a full set of t-60 power armor at the south Boston military checkpoint behind a door that requires an expert (i think) level hack, I remember Nick Valentine was able to hack it for me. Though i’m not sure if its always t-60.

    1. D
      Da Pope

      It was a full set of X-01 for me. Probably spawns based on level.

      1. M

        I’m level 64 and I only got an X-01 Head, chest, and both arms when I went to the abandoned house. 😛 though I already have a fullset with a jetpack so I won’t complain.

  10. D

    I dont think any of this is actually correct. My character is only level 28 and I have found a full set of every armour type including X-01…
    Full set of X-01 Power Armour is at the S. Boston Military Checkpoint, this is South East of Diamond City about half way distance between diamond city and the General Atomics Factory. You will receive a radio signal which you follow to the checkpoint. Some Gunners are located at the checkpoint, one of which has a plasma pistol and a full set of combat armour (Not Heavy Combat Armour 🙁 ). You will find the suit of X-01 to the left of the doors in a locked cage and requires EXPERT HACKING skills to open. There is also a FAT MAN LAUNCHER in a near by trailer along with a MINI NUKE in the Power Armour Cage.

    1. D

      I only found a T-60 at the south Boston checkpoint myself. Complete but not an X-01.

    2. S
      Some dude

      I just went and checked I don’t know if RNJesus has a role in it but it seems the spot at the S. Boston Military Checkpoint give different armors depending on your level. Though as far as I can tell that particular spot always gives a full set and a Fusion Core.

    3. J

      I just went there and there is T-60 Power Armor. I’m level 21. Think I won’t touch it and I’ll go back at a higher level to see if it’s the X-01

    4. K

      I think we all need to step back here and realize, the locations of power armour are correct, but the type is not. I believe it to be randomized. this will get us power armour, but not exactly the same type. There is still a small chance I am wrong though, I mean some here have X-01 before lvl 30, I have 11 sets of power armour, which I have gather in the last 4 hours and none have been full X-01. I have the helmet though, stole everything in that shop at the BOS and booked it the hell outta there! haha

      1. G

        i believe level 28 and up will spawn x-01’s. otherwise will always be a t model

        1. P

          I think it also spawns according to your level the first time you were on location. If you were there but didn’t see the armor and kept on going, when you finally get back you’ll find armor appropriate to the level you were at when you first passed by. I’ve found T-45 in locations that people 30 levels below me have found X-01, but they’re locations I was at much earlier in the game and just didn’t get around the right side of the building or whatever. What can I say, I can’t see chit at nighttime and miss a lot of loot.

    5. J

      daniel your correct. but you have to be 28 and up for x01 and for the others i think its 20 and below

  11. D

    Just read the Wiki apparently above lvl 28 it is an X-01 🙁 damn my adventuring. Also I found the full T-60 at bunker hill not the South Boston checkpoint.

  12. D

    I just checked the South Boston checkpoint and the cage is locked still requires hacking and it is empty except the mini nuke. Maybe I still got a chance. I am level 27 At the moment so I will leave this page open and try to get to 28 today to check.

  13. S

    I got the X-01 helmet very easily infact. You just need your hacking to be maxed out(master I think). You just need to go to the quarter master for the brother good of steel. Behind him on a table is the helmet. There is a terminal on the left, you would need to have a stealth boy, use it and go into steel. Hack the terminal then snatch the helmet. I got this very early in and I would advise using red tactical light mod, makes the eyes glow red.

    1. D
      Dark passenger

      You don’t need a stealth boy just get behind him and become hidden I got it easy and stolet everything else he had in there and sold it all back to him but the helmet

      1. P

        LOL I tried to be all sneaky and steal it. Got caught and shot. Reload. Snuck in, picked it up and dropped it on the floor. Kicked it out the door, around the corner, down the stairs. Grabbed it. Got caught and shot. Reload. Walked in bold as fuq, carried it out the door to the other end, dropped it, stole it, tried to run out the door, got caught and shot. Clearly I am a crappy thief.

  14. P

    Yes, south boston gave me a t60 at level 40. Also the other locations only gave me partial x01’s at level 40.

  15. A
    Aaron Kunstman

    If you join the brotherhood of steel you can find a x-01 helmet on the prydwen behind the gunsmiths door.

    1. P

      Ah yeah that’s one of my missing parts for my other set of armor, so good tip, you have to steal it from him though I’m sure.

  16. P

    The 35 court location gave me the full armor at level 41.

    1. R

      I checked using console commands to adjust my level and you are guaranteed to get a full set of X-01 there so long as you are level 27 and above.

  17. S
    Starzin Trollhammer

    Alright everyone is going to love this but you can find a whole set of xo1 first thing. Location is. By the murkwater construction site. There is a crashed verti-bird and right next to it is a full suit just no power cord. If you encounter the mirlurk queen then you will be close. Now I am part of the pc master race so if it is there for consoles idk.

    1. R

      You didn’t state your level. Suits appear according to level.

      1. D

        In that you are wrong, it depends on your luck because i found a full x-01 while in level 28 ??

        1. M

          Daniel is correct my luck is 12 and i have a full set of X-01 and im only level 10 and havent done any missions

  18. R

    I found a X01 left arm setting at atoms garage in her supplies. I’m level 28.

  19. J

    there is a x01 helmet in the armory at the botherhood of steel headquarters you have to use a lock pic and loot without being seen helmet is on the table

  20. D

    I got my first full set of x-01 at level 28 so I don’t know what this article is on about. The locations are spot on but the level, no. Only level 35 and I already have 2 full x-01 and a bunch of full t-60 t-51 and t-45 laying around

  21. C

    “While wearing Power Armor you lose any bonuses from other armor items.”

    Does this also apply to non-armor clothing? I.E. Am I better off keeping my ‘exploring’ outfit on (Sailor Hat for +2 Endurance, Patrol sunglasses for +1 Perception)?

    Thanks 🙂

  22. C

    I went to the highway near graygarden at level 38 and only found t-45

    1. G
      Gosu No0b

      You should have gotten at least t-51. Graygarden doesn not spawn power armor above t-51 I think. Also, you might have visited that location when you were lower level and it spawns t-45 since then.

  23. T

    here i am rocking my full x01 mark4 and like one piece of mark 5 at lvl 14…

  24. H

    lvl 19 and I have just got the x-01 sentinel and ultrabot kills were easy enough.

  25. S

    guys plz tell me,how to store 2 power armors on the same location,i installed 2 armor workbench,but it doesnt work.I dont want to store parts in stash,but i want to showcase it at the workbench

    1. D

      Simply put your second armor at the second armor workbench and press e to craft on the workbench to mount it in the workbench

  26. K

    Found a set of T-51 power armour, missing right arm and left leg, in a lake south east of Rotten Landfill, south of Wildwood Cemetery. Go to the lake and you will see a crashed vertibird in the lake. Go into the water and swim alongside the right side of the vertibird. The armour should be easy enough to spot.

  27. S

    i’m fairly certain the parts you find are randomized and dependend on your level. i found only t51 parts in the shack

  28. T

    if you go to a lab there are certain things you can gather to get a legendary piece of power armor im not sure if it changes with levelbut i got t-51 power armor chest plate with 440 health you need to find gold lithium hydroxide and u-238 and you can make the legendary chest plate but you can ony do this once

  29. J

    I found a full set of x-01behind a cage in the south boston military checkpoint southe east of diamond city.

  30. A

    Without hacking, duping or using the console or joining the brotherhood of steel I’ve amassed a full X-01 set, Two full T-60 sets (one I upgraded one is stock), two T-51sets, the original T-45 you get on the early quest, a full Raider-II set, a full Raider-I set and two suits made up of various pieces for a total of 10 sets.

    I haven’t purchased or stolen any pieces or frames from Arturo in Diamond city (who has a power armor frame in stock), the brotherhood or the Atom Cats. I haven’t been able to hack the cage at the South Boston Military Checkpoint, but it’s holding what appears to be a full X-01 set for me. I didn’t visit that area of the map until after level 36 luckily. I’m not sure with my current collection that it’s worth spending a point on hacking for a SECOND X-01 set other than what seems to be my fetish is collecting the armor.

    I have found a lot of my individual components by defeating enemies in power armor and looting the pieces off their dead corpses. I’ve had zero luck pickpocketing cores out of suits while people are wearing them. I did successfully shoot the core out of a raider’s suit once, and he immediately exited the suit/frame, but then the whole suit very quickly exploded destroying the frame and all of the components.

  31. M

    There’s half a set of X01 missing arm and leg at the bottom of a small pond right near the ‘kid in the fridge’ can’t remember location or level though!

    1. D

      Found that one too nut eventho i’m over 40 i got only t-51 torso 1 leg and 1 arm

      1. D

        PS. Its South of university point. There is an army vehicle in the water with it

  32. D

    T-60 pieces can also be easely obtained by “accidentally” killing Brotherhood of steel paladins. I killed 2 that while they were fighting raiders and they didn’t even schoot back or anything

  33. C

    How i get my T-60, not sure if it’s recommended coz i’m an impatient and violent fool:
    heard some heli sound near sanctuary, track it, saw a ventbird(i didn’t know until i shot it), shot it, the people on it turned hostile with the names of brotherhood stuff.
    2 jump down in power suit *fk yeah* killed them and the ventbird as well, salvaged 2 whole set of BOS 2 T-60 power armour part.

  34. S

    Level 31, on a mission from the brotherhood to clear the place, i found a full set of X-01 (stock, no upgrades) at
    S. Boston Military Checkpoint – in a Cage just behind the Bunker like complex.
    The checkpoint is directly West from the Castle (on a horizontal line), right after crossing the big road that goes from North to South.
    (I was on survival difficulty, Luck 2,if that matters.)

  35. B

    There is unique power armour at the cambridge polymer labs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E5cVKPmPDoQ

  36. When your above level 30, find armour, quicksave before you grab it, if it’s not the one you want, load the quick save and it should be a different one. Rank 34, it worked for me

  37. T

    I just stumbled upon Court 35 building and when i gazed upon my prize it was a full X-01 power armor Mk.II
    Now it’s at Mk.V and pimped up real nice, jetpack next target xD
    also I have another almost full X-01 laying around in my settlement + 3 T60’s aswell.. Life is good in the commonwealth =P

  38. B

    I found a full set of X-01 armor at S.Boston Military Checkpoint at level 35 it was locked in a cage with a master terminal needed to open it.

  39. M

    Where is the terminal to unlock that one t-45 in the crashed train cage

  40. W

    The lake near the town of Covenant has a frame with partial set of T-51. North end by the vertibird crash site.

  41. J

    I found a complete set of X-01mk3 armor on the roof of court 35 at level 39. I didn’t try to look for it at a lower level so I don’t know if the level thing is true.

    1. R

      It is true, I went in at around lvl12 and didn’t find the x-01

  42. S

    Additional X-01 full set locations
    Lvl 31
    Guard House outside of Fort Strong (Have had it spawn with and without the helm)
    South Boston Military Checkpoint (Master Terminal)

  43. T

    X-01 Armour can be accessed from National Guard Training Yard, if you leave doing The Lost Patrol until lvl 30+

  44. B

    I saw one set of T-51 in National guard training yard. I am level 15

  45. T

    If you do the “Big Dig” mission in Goodneighbor with Bobbi No-Nose, you will go through a bunch of caves and at one point, in a cave there is a legendary dragon monster thing. It guards some T51 gear.

  46. I found a full set of X-01 at the decayed Reactor Site, I’m level 90

    1. T

      Where did you find it at the decayed reactor

  47. P
    preston van stedum

    hey whats the easyist way to make caps on fallout 4

    1. M
      Mike O

      Best way to make caps is selling unwanted weapons and armor.

  48. J
    Jan Girke

    No build water purifiers in Sanctuary.

  49. J

    Found a t-60 at National Guard Training Yard in a crate behind all buildings. Requires lockpicking master I think. I was lvl 25

  50. P
    Preston Garvey

    I have 16 suits of power armor 6 of them are full suits one of the 6 is a X-01 and 10 suits are T-45 and T-51 unfinished mostly missing the right leg or arm.
    Also another settlement need our help!

  51. C
    Chickle Noodies

    I have a total of 53 complete sets of power armor. Since I’ve been done with the game, I’m basically collecting them.

  52. D

    I am playing on Xbox one and every thing that has been said about difficulty level and player level have proved to be inconsistent with my experiences. I found a full set of X-01 at 35 court at level 28 but I couldn’t find a T-51 until level 40 it has taken me considerable time a full set of T-51 which I did in a cage on a train flat car mostly I run into T-60s an T-45s using locations I’ve discovered on YouTube, most of them missing only one part which I completed by purchasing them from Rowdy at the Atomcats garage. I have three full sets of X-01s and two incomplete, four full sets of T-60s and five full sets of T-45s and four full T-51s and two incomplete, I also accumulated two raider sets in fights and two empty frames which I scavenged for parts. I like to collect things hint if you move fast you can collect full sets of T-60s from dead BOS members at several battle sites.

  53. T

    So far i found 4 X-01 suits, two were complete and the other two were missing half.

  54. G

    I found a X-01 power armor in the mission were you go underground with a bot that opens tunnels.

  55. P
    Preston Garvey

    Another settlement needs our help,here,ill mark it on your map.

  56. K

    The institute has a humanoid Synth.

  57. R

    I came across a full set of X01 in the dig while doing the mission for Bobbi, took some time to fully upgrade and paint all the pieces, only to have it vanish into thin air when I had it parked in Sanctuary.

    Tried to access some previous saves, but no luck.

    This is a known bug, why Bethesda hasn’t bothered to fix it is beyond me

  58. N

    Technically every frame has the potential to be what ever type of power armor according to your lvl.
    Except the one you get on the museum when helping the minute men.

  59. A

    Please help me I’m new at fallout 4 and need to know where death claw weak points are located for the road to freedom since I’ve never played before if you know please help me

  60. A

    Hey anyone know where I can get t-45 new armor in fallout at lvl.1?

    1. S

      The only place I know to get T-45 armor at lvl 1 is from the Minutemen mission in Concord. To get it you do have to kill the Deathclaw, though. I would suggest trying to get as many head shots on it as possible without killing any of the raiders in the street. Simply run down to the sewer grate to activate the Deathclaw and let the raiders act as a distraction for it while you use the mini gun to lower it’s health. Once that’s done, finish the mission with Preston and head to the Red Rocket Truck stop where you found the dog. Go behind it and look for a cave entrance. Once inside, kill the mole rats and you’ll find a fusion core down there. That should help power your new suit so you can do some exploring.

  61. S

    I found a full suit of X-01 armor in a locked cage outside the South Boston Military checkpoint. I’m not sure exactly what level I was, but it was probably mid-20’s. It may show up as a lower level suit, but it would still be worth checking out if you need some X-01. The armor also looks great with the shark paint job you can find in Zeke’s trailer at the Atom Cat’s Garage.

  62. J

    where can I find or how do I make perk reset ?

  63. A
    Ak 57

    I went to 35 court at level ten (Note if your at level ten and you go there bring strong weapons) but I found t 45 I was expecting t51 but I guess not and that suck because it was hard killing the assaultron and the sentry bot with a hardened rifle I might just head back to an earlier save but this was pretty helpful

  64. E

    I found 3 pieces of the x-01 in the small building next to the national guard with the laser trip wires. Level 28 with a +2 luck special combat armor piece on.

  65. M
    Mikey Macy

    There is several pieces of an X-01 north east of sanctuary

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