1. S
    Sole survier

    I found a full set of xo1 power armor at the second location while at level 28 but it was not fully upgraded so it i think i can conferm you can ger it early on and then upgrade it

  2. M

    Funny bug. Second location for X-01 always spawns T-51, but it will switch for X-01 when you ride it.

    1. P

      How tf did u get passed those robots

      1. J
        Jeromy Smith

        I layed down mines.

        1. J
          Josh reynolds

          i fat maned them and got a full set of x~01

  3. P

    Took in a gause gun, took out their legs in 2 shots apiece. Easy peasy. Then again I was level 55 by the time I finally went looking… and wearing an X-01 Mk III customized suit. 😀

  4. D

    In the picture. its a T-51

  5. M

    there is a t-51 power armor not x-01

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