graygarden t-51

Go to Graygarden and move east, under the highway. You’ll come across an elevator that takes you up on top of the highway. Now move back west until you reach a crashed Vertibird and the armor is next to it. Screenshot shows the location of the elevator on the map.


  1. V
    Victor Franceschini

    At level 22 there was a full t45 set for me; I guess difficulty plays its role in this..

    1. F

      I was level 46, and it was a full set of T-45.

  2. B

    Yea. I think this is the same issue as the X-01 quirk that shows T-45 model, but when you enter it it swaps over to X-01 (at least before any patches, it did this for me). It definitely has the wrong model displayed.

    I got T-45. Seen lots of comments/posts on other sites with same issue.

  3. K

    Well Thanks for the location but i had the same problem too… i was Lvl 20 or 21 i went there and i saw the t 51 i looked T51 but when i went to enter it on the inventory it said t45 and when entered it’s shape also changed into t45 🙁

  4. M

    I’m level 66 when I came to this suit and its full t-45

  5. S

    yup, no T-51 armor there, just a T-45 …

  6. G

    I can’t find the elevator

  7. C

    Lvl 82 and T-45

  8. F
    Fallout gamer

    I’m level 24 and I found a full set of t51 power armour

  9. Oh Ye and I’m on Xbox one

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