Fallout 76 "Awarding" 500 Atoms to Power Armor Edition Buyers

Bethesda has found themselves in hot water yet again over Fallout 76; specifically, with the Power Armor Edition of the game. They advertise this edition as coming with a canvas duffel bag. What customers ended up with are low-quality nylon bag. So, presumably to make things better, Bethesda is offering 500 Atoms (the game’s premium currency) for anybody who contacts Bethesda Support with proof of purchase. Sounds like a lot, until you realize that 500 Atoms translates to a pretty paltry five dollars in real money.

Fallout 76 "Awarding" 500 Atoms to Power Armor Edition Buyers
Fallout 76 “Awarding” 500 Atoms to Power Armor Edition Buyers

As if Fallout 76 wasn’t a PR disaster enough, there’s even more stuff cropping up. The latest flack that Bethesda has been catching is from the people that shelled out $200 for the Power Armor Edition of the game. If you don’t know what’s been going on, let’s bring you up to speed. As you can see in the image above, those that paid for this edition were supposed to get a canvas West Tek duffel bag, among other things. Just based on the picture, it looks kinda nice and well-made.

Turns out, that’s wasn’t the case. Instead, what people got was a really cheap, crinkly, crappy-looking nylon duffel bag. Needless to say, customers weren’t too enthused about this. They complained to Bethesda, filled out complaint forms, the works. What they got, apparently, was a pretty lippy response that basically said that Bethesda couldn’t manufacture canvas bags, and that’s why they made nylon bags; oh, also, they don’t plan to do anything about it. A bit later, the Fallout 76 Twitter put out a more official response.

So, what is Bethesda’s solution? Well, you contact Bethesda Support, present your proof of purchase, and you’ll get 500 Atoms; Atoms being the premium currency that you buy with real money. So, as compensation, people will get essentially Monopoly money. Okay, fine. How much does 500 Atoms translate to? Five bucks. You can barely buy anything fun in the store for that. Oh, and they’re still advertising the Power Armor Edition on their website as containing a canvas duffel bag. I’m really morbidly curious to see what is gonna come of this.

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