Path of Exile PlayStation 4 Release Date Delayed to February 2019

The developers of Path of Exile, Grinding Gear Games, have announced the delay of the PS4 version of Path of Exile. The game was supposed to launch in December; the new release window is early February 2019. The reasons behind the delay are the certification process taking longer than expected, and because the devs want to work to further improve the game’s performance.

Path of Exile PlayStation 4 Release Date Delayed to February 2019
Path of Exile PlayStation 4 Release Date Delayed to February 2019

PlayStation 4 owners are going to have to be a bit more patient, if they want to play Path of Exile. Originally slated for an early December release, the game has been moved to early February. In a post on the Path of Exile official forum, the developers explained this decision. The announcement reads: “We underestimated the amount of work it would take to finish the certification process during the busy Christmas period. While we hope to have everything ready in January, we feel a lot more comfortable promising early February as a target release window. This will also give us time to work on game performance/frame rate, which we feel could be improved before release.”

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Fair enough. I’ve said it a bunch of times before, and I’ll keep saying it: I’d rather have a well-made product that comes out a bit later, than a broken mess that the developers rushed through the door. You take your time, Grinding Gear Games. And, if you take a look at the comments on the thread, you’ll see that the fans, while understandably a bit disappointed, are on your side, too. Besides, after the reaction to Diablo: Immortal, I’m sure that at least some new people are going to flock to Path of Exile instead. It’s even an interesting development for me. I’ve been thinking about giving Path of Exile a shot for a while now. I can be patient for a couple of months longer.

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