Fallout 76 Ballistic Fiber Rare Material - How to Get

Ballistic Fiber in FO76 is a rare material you can find in the game. To get Ballistic Finer in Fallout 76, the best way to do so is to scrap certain items. Of course, Ballistic Fiber being a rare material, getting what you need can be a bit of a problem. Not only that, but combing through various items to find which one has Ballistic Fiber can get kinda annoying. So, our Fallout 76 Ballistic Fiber Rare Material guide will show you how to get Ballistic Fiber in FO76, and which items you can get it from.

Fallout 76 Ballistic Fiber Rare Material - How to Get
Fallout 76 Ballistic Fiber Rare Material – How to Get

How to Get Ballistic Fiber FO76 Rare Material?

To get Ballistic Fiber in Fallout 76, there are several methods to go about it. All of them basically boil down to scrapping (or breaking down, or whatever) of certain items you find in the game. One such item is the Military Ammo Bag. Highlight it in your menu, and hit Space (on PC; use whatever your equivalent on your platform is) to scrap it to get Ballistic Fiber. Another source of Ballistic Fiber are Power Armor Frames. Whether or not you have frames to spare, well, that’s your call (EDIT: Turns out, this isn’t correct. Sorry about that). Lastly, a possible way to get the rare material is the Military Grade Duct Tape.

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Now, finding sources of Ballistic Fiber in Fallout 76 can be a somewhat tedious business. This is where the tracking mechanic will come in pretty handy. If you use it to track Ballistic Fiber, or any other material, for that matter, the game will help you find items that contain what you’re looking for. Then, it’s only a matter of heading out and collecting the stuff you need, then scrapping it for raw Ballistic Fiber, or whatever else you may require. Now, this might still include long treks through the map and wading hip-deep through Scorched, but that’s the name of the game. This is Fallout, after all.

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  1. D

    You’re wrong about the power armor chassis. I just broke one down. It did not list any items in the scrap description before I scrapped it, and in fact I did not get any ballistic material. You should correct this article, you’re going to frustrate a bunch of people, as you did me, having them wasting power armor frames for no reason.

    1. J

      Updated the guide. Sorry about any inconvenience.

      1. S

        Scrapping frames most definitely gives ballistic fiber, though only one. It may be intelligence gated though, I’m running with 15 INT and the scrapper card.

        1. J

          I don’t know what’s real anymore!

          1. J

            Power armor doesn’t give ballotic fiber. Tried. The fixed version is correct.

  2. L

    please can somone tell me how to scrap materials because im playing on ps4 and no scrap option comes up please can somone help me out

    1. J

      Go to any crafting workbench and push the square button. Then choose the triangle button to scape all your junk and reduce the weight of it. Or choose an item you want to scrap like a weapon or armor and choose the X button. Before you accept, the screen shows you the scrape you’ll get.

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