Fallout 76 Brotherhood of Steel - How to Join Faction

Brotherhood of Steel is one of the factions in Fallout 76. It’s the one with all the power armor, and will probably be the first choice for a lot of players. You can join them, but it won’t be easy – there’s a lot of walking involved. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to join Brotherhood of Steel in Fallout 76, in case you get stuck somewhere along the way.

fallout 76 how to join brotherhood of steel
Fallout 76 Brotherhood of Steel – How to Join Faction

How to join Brotherhood of Steel in FO76?

For the first step, you’ll have to go to the north part of the Mire and look for Abby’s Bunker. Once you’re in, go to the little corridor to the left of the common area nad use the terminal there. It should contain a note about Fort Defiance. You’ll then have to find the fort – it’s in the southeast of the map, near Cranberry Bog.

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When you get there, go inside and head to the top floor of the right part of the building. You’ll have to look for a switch that opens the locked door. Head over to the top floor of the left part of the building next. There’s a locked elevator there, that only opens up if you have a government ID.

You can get one by joining the army at Camp McClintock – there may be other way, but we didn’t try them. If you haven’t done it, simply go to the camp and talk to a robot called Quartermaster Gutsy – this will get things rolling.

Next up, head on over to Charleston (southweast part of the map) and look for the DMV building. As you enter, look for a terminal to the left. Use it and choose the first option. This will give you a simple quest chain which you need to complete in order to get the military ID. Once you have that, you can return to Fort Defiance and use the terminal on the top floor of the left side of th building to join teh faction. After you’ve joined, you’ll be allowed to use the elevator to enter the faction’s quarters.

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