Fallout 76 Bureau of Tourism Quest - Prickett's Fort Token Dispenser Bug

Bureau of Tourism is a side quest in Fallout 76. It starts when you listen in on a radio transmission near Grafton, and ends suddenly when you reach a quest-breaking bug at Prickett’s Fort. A lot of people are getting stuck here, thanks to a known issue that existed way back in beta. You should just avoid it until you get words it was fixed, but if you’re interested, here’s all the stuff we tried while attempting to complete Fallout 76 Bureau of Tourism quest.

fallout 76  bureau of tourism quest prickett's fort token dispenser bug
Fallout 76 Bureau of Tourism Quest – Prickett’s Fort Token Dispenser Bug

Cannot interact with token dispenser bug

The bug presents itself only after you’ve done most of the quest. Once you go to Prickett’s Fort and try to interact with the token dispenser you’re supposed to fix, you’ll discover you cannot interact with it. It’s like it’s a non-entity, a bunch of textures floating mid-air. There’s no prompt when you approach it, no collision when you try to go through it. I does not exist.

The first thing we tried was the age old trick of switching servers – it fixes most of the issues with the game, but not this one. We also tried approaching it from different directions and mashing the interact button, hoping it was just a matter of terrible hitboxes. No luck there, either. It seems like we’ll all just have to wait for a patch.

How to get circuitry?

One of the earlier quest steps requires you to have some circuits on hand. Since the tracking system won’t work on an item unless you have at least one of it in your inventory, some people who don’t have any circuitry got stuck here.

Circuitry is obtained by scrapping certain junk items, including Assaultron circuit boards, circuits, advanced targeting cards, flight data recorders, hot plates, military grade circuit boards, radio jammers, sensor modules and telephones. That last one is probably the best way to get it – there are phones in pretty much every home, and unless somebody has looted your area in the last hour, you should be able to get some pretty easily.


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