Fallout 76 Hide and Seek and Destroy Quest - How to Kill Cargobot

Hide and Seek and Destroy is one of the quests in Fallout 76. In it, you’ll have to hunt down a cargobot – a drone transporting some cargo across Appalachia. It sounds easy enough, until you run into the drone and discover it’s fast, has a tonne of health and can regenerate it when it gets too far away from you. If you’re looking for tips on how to kill the cargo bot, our Fallout 76 Hide and Seek and Destroy quest guide will offer some.

fallout 76 hide seek destroy how to kill cargobot
Fallout 76 Hide and Seek and Destroy Quest – How to Kill Cargobot

How to kill cargo bot in FO76?

When you spot the bot, follow it until it starts going in circles. This should prevent it from running away, but it still may regenerate health when other players enter the area, so don’t be surprised if you lose progress because of it. Once it’s going around in circles, pull out a weapon that has high armor penetration and does a lot of damage. A single high damage shot will do more good than several lower damage ones.

Make sure you aim for the engines first – they seem to be its weak points. When you break all four, it should stop moving and start hovering where it is. Since there’s a damage drop off across large distances, you should either get a weapon with a lot of range, or try to position yourself under its route and wait until it’s directly above you. Use VATS as often as you can, as it’ll help mitigate the bot’s high movement speed.

You should also equip perk cards that benefit the weapons you’re going to use for this hunt, like the one that ignores some armor when using a rifle. This might be one of those quests you should put off until a later time – a disconnect could ruin it for you, and waiting until you’re a bit overleveled for it would mean you’ll come back with better equipment.


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