Fallout 76 How to Change Appearance - Hairstyle, Beard, Facial Hair

Changing your appearance in Fallout 76 can be done even after you’ve created your character. The choices you make before you start won’t be final, as the game allows you to customize your character at any time, changing stuff like facial features, hair style and beard. The option to change your appearance isn’t in an obvious place, though, so you might have trouble finding it. This guide is going to show you how to change appearance in Fallout 76.

fallout 76 how to change appearance
Fallout 76 How to Change Appearance – Hairstyle, Beard, Facial Hair

How to change your hairstyle & beard in FO76?

Most RPG games nowadays allow you to change your appearance pretty easily. In most cases, you have to visit an NPC vendor like a barber or plastic surgeon. Fallout 76 is a bit different in that regard, as it doesn’t stress about simple things like immersion and narrative justification. Instead, it allows you to customize your vault dweller using a menu option.

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In order to change your hair style, facial hair or even features, you’ll first have to open the map. Once you’re there, press Z on PC, or R1/RB on console. This will take you to the main menu. If you scroll down past the options written in big letters, you’ll see one of the small print ones is called “change appearance”. Select that, and you’ll get a close up of your ugly mug – the one you want to change.

This is where you’ll make all the changes. You can change anything related to your face, your body type and even your sex. The full force of the character creator will be available to you, just like when you were first making the character. Once you’re done making changes, go back to the first screen of the appearance customization menu, and press the button indicated on the right (on PS4, it’s Options).

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