Fallout 76 How to Play With Friends & Join Servers

Playing Fallout 76 with friends is the best way to experience the game. Bethesda assured us that you’ll be able to play through the whole thing solo, but it’s a multiplayer game – why would you? You can always play with random strangers from the internet, but that’s always a gamble – your interests might not align, or you might end up with someone without a microphone. If you have friends playing the game, joining them would obviously be the best choice. Some people are confused about how this works, so we’ve decided to write this guide to explain how to play Fallout 76 with friends.

fallout 76 how to play with friends
Fallout 76 How to Play With Friends & Join Servers

How to join friends’ servers in FO76?

When you decide to start playing with friends, you’ll first have to add them to your friends list. If you’re on PC, that’ll be the Bethesda launcher friends list. If on console, it’ll be your system’s friends list.

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Open up the map, then press the button that opens the social menu. On PC, that’s C. On console, it’s R1/RB. This will pull up the list of all your friends. Scroll down until you find the name of the person you’re trying to play with. Once you’ve found them, select them and you should see the options to invite and join. Pick whichever you’d like – it doesn’t make much of a difference.

fallout 76 how to join friends' servers

Once you’re done, all the players will keep their inventories, their quest progress and their experience points. We’re not certain what happens to the buildings and camp upgrades you’ve invested in, though. They should at least stay tied to the host, if not all players. This would mean you’ll want to always pick the same person to host, or you’ll risk losing progress on base building when you start another session in the wasteland.

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    Sorry for the intrusion but I have asked this question to quite a few people and have received several different answers, none to which I have been able to follow. I am hopeful you will be able to.

    I was talking with a guy on Reddit and I wanted to purchase something he had in the game. I let him know I was online and he said he would meet me at WhiteSprings. I fast traveled and he was already there. How can you find someone that is on a different server and fast travel to them or join the server they are on IF they are not in your friends list?

    Thank you for your time.

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