Fallout 76 Raider Power Armor Locations

Raider power armor is one of the exo suits in Fallout 76. It’s the first one you’ll be able to use, as it’s a low level rust bucket – at least compared to the fancy ones. Still, it’s a suit of armor that runs on nuclear energy, so it can’t be bad. Better than the scraps you’ve been covering yourself with until now, anyway. This is why a lot of people are trying to get their hands on it, and it’s proving to be quite a challenge, what with all the shared game worlds and one hour respawn timers on items. In this guide, we’re going to show you a bunch of Fallout 76 Raider power armor locations, so you can get yours.

fallout 76 raider power armor how to get
Fallout 76 Raider Power Armor Locations

Where to find Raider power armor in FO76?

The only guaranteed way to get it – without someone snatching it under your nose – is by completing the Key to The Past main quest. It takes place in and around Blackwater Mine, and you’ll get the full set of armor as a reward for completing it.

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If you’re not that far into the game, you roam the map looking for the suit. Raider camps would be your best bet – they’re marked on the map with a skull encircled by barbed wire. There’s one in the mountains southwest of the Top of The World (the dome in the middle of the map), called Cliffwatch. Once you clear the camp, go to the edge of the cliff and you’ll find the armor there.

If you don’t want to visit Raider camps, you could look for pieces in various places, such as:

The basement of the Rusty Pick Diner in the Ash Heap
The garage below the ruined bridge in Point Pleasant
The green trailer at Gorge Junkyard
Above the cooking station at Crosshair
By the shack southeast of the Crashed Space Station
Wendigo Cave
The arena at Pleasant Valley Cabins
East of Beckwith Farm
The locked room at West Bridge

How to get out of power armor?

Some folks are distressed by the fact they don’t know how to exit their power armor. It’s pretty easy – if you’re on Xbox, press A. If you’re on PS4, press X. Once you’re out, it’ll stay where you left it for a while, but if you go too far from it, it’ll teleport into your inventory. Be careful not to drop it, or it’ll disappear.

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    PC press and hold E to exit power armour

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