FO76 Disable Friendly Fire - Pacifist Mode and PvP

Pacifist Mode in Fallout 76 and disabling friendly fire are kinda connected in the game. The Fallout 76 Pacifist Mode is necessary if you want to avoid PVP battles completely. Disabling friendly fire is also important in FO76, because you might hit somebody on accident. Plus, some players have been confused as to how PVP works, and whether you can grief people. Our FO76 Disable Friendly Fire – Pacifist Mode and PvP guide is going to explain how to unlock and turn on Pacifist Mode, how PVP works, and how to disable friendly fire in the game.

FO76 Disable Friendly Fire - Pacifist Mode and PvP
FO76 Disable Friendly Fire – Pacifist Mode and PvP

How to Unlock Pacifist Mode in Fallout 76?

To unlock Pacifist Mode in Fallout 76, you first have to reach Level 5 in the game. Before that, PVP has no effect on you anyway. Once you reach Level 5, you’re then fair game for everybody, and everybody is your fair game. If, however, you want none of that PVP stuff, head to the map screen. Then, go to Options, then Game. The fourth option is Pacifist Mode. By default, it should be off. So, all you gotta do is turn it on.

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how to unlock pacifist mode fallout 76

Once you have Pacifist Mode on, then you don’t have to worry about other players griefing you. Basically, this is the option you should pick if you want to play Fallout 76 as a solo experience. With Pacifist Mode on, if other players shoot you, they do minuscule damage, and you can’t enter PVP battles at all. This also means that you can’t accidentally hurt other people. Mind you, other players can still kill you, it just takes forever and really doesn’t pay off. Plus, you can just teleport elsewhere and forget about them.

If you change your mind, you can always switch PVP back on the same way you turned it off. Which brings us to our second point – How PVP actually works.

How PVP Works in Fallout 76 – How to Start & Avoid PVP Battles?

First off, how to start PVP in Fallout 76. Basically, there are two ways to start a PVP battle. The first is to attack another player, and they return fire. The second way is that they attack you, and you respond in turn. You’ll then get into a fight. If you kill another player, you’ll get an amount of caps equal to their level. Plus, you can loot their Junk inventory.

Now, if you want to avoid PVP when somebody attacks you, you must not retaliate. If Pacifist Mode is on, then that goes without saying. They will do minimal damage to you, so killing you will absolutely not be worth their while. If the going gets tough, just run or teleport away. Also, you can block people that are annoying you, so you won’t be able to see each other.

Oh, and one important point: you can’t enter PVP with members of your team. Also important: if you do manage to kill somebody that doesn’t fire back, you’ll become Wanted. Everybody else will disappear from your map, and they’ll be hunting you. You’ll be marked on everybody’s map. But, for more info on that, go read our Fallout 76 Wanted – How to Get & Remove Bounty guide. Or, you can read some of our other guides, including Powering Up Poseidon Event – How to Repair Power Plant and Safe For Work Quest – Patrol Processing Center.

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