Fallout 76 Safe For Work Quest - Patrol Processing Center

Safe for Work is one of the side quests in Fallout 76. You can start it by inspecting a terminal at Morgantown Airport. It’ll send you on a mission to patrol several routes the Responders used to use. One of the objectives seems a little bugged, which is bothering a lot of people and preventing them from completing this otherwise simple mission. This guide is going to show you how to patrol processing center in Fallout 76, so you can finish the Safe for Work quest.

fallout 76 safe for work quest patrol processing center
Fallout 76 Safe For Work Quest – Patrol Processing Center

How to start Safe for Work quest?

Go to the Morgantown Airport, east of Vault 76. Go to the arrivals terminal and interact with the red terminal on the ground floor. Select Volunteers: Advanced Training, then Patrol Supplies. You’ll get a holo tape. After you listen to it, you’ll need to go to the triage center and find the next one. Jump down the hole in the floor and exit using the big wooden door.

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Once you’re out, you’ll see several tents. Use the terminal in one of them to open the safe, so you can get the second holo tape. This will allow you to search for the third holo tape, which is in a safe in the green container with the gunsmith sign. Get the key from the corpse – Responder Rocky – and open the safe to get the tape. This is where the trouble begins.

fallout 76 safe for work patrol mission

How to patrol processing center?

The tape you get from Rocky’s safe will just tell you to patrol the processing center. The game will mark the area on your map, but going to the exact marker location won’t progress the quest. We spent quite a while running around the yard, climbing onto and into every container, looking for clues, but in the end, we’re not quite sure what triggered the next objective. We presume it was either covering enough ground in the yard or getting to a specific location. You can see the place where it popped up in the big image above.

Afterwards, it gets easy again. You’ll need to go to the medical center and open a red explosive crate to get the next tape, then head on over to the traffic control tower to complete the quest.

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  1. 7
    76 Tom

    I hope the bug is worked out soon. Other then some simple things the game is great so far!

  2. M

    Doesnt work. got key opened safe listened to the tape and …. nothing, only part of the quest that shows is to listen to part 4, which of course does nothing. Have been running all over this area for the past hour or so, and nothing. Not sure what is supposed to be done at all, no marker on map nothing…. quest MUST be Bugge4d as hell.

    1. L

      I had the bug where the 4th holo tape would not show as a Quest item and nothing would happen when I listened to it – so the quest wouldn’t progress. Logging out and back in didn’t work either. In the end I found that by going up into the tower and then loading the 4th holo tape into PC triggered the completion of that step. Had to go down the tower to trigger the step after that. All good now!

    2. W

      same here it keeps telling me to listen to tape 4 medical one and it does nothing so i just left it has to be bugged right

  3. R
    Rusty Shackelford

    Saldy, the solution I found was to log out then back in. It had me shoot a bunch of scorched (like I already had, but not the entire quest over again) then I was directed up the tower and that was that. On a plus side, the supply boxes I already got were refilled

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