Fallout 76 Bags of Cement Location - Where to Find Concrete

Bags of cement in FO76 are a material that you can find in the game. Finding bags of cement in Fallout 76 can be important, depending on your how you want to play and what you want to accomplish in the game. Or, you know, maybe you just want to tote a bag of cement around, I don’t know you. Anyway, our Fallout 76 Bags of Cement Location guide will show you where to find bags of concrete in FO76.

Fallout 76 Bags of Cement Location - Where to Find
Fallout 76 Bags of Cement Location – Where to Find

Where to Find Bags of Cement in Fallout 76?

To find bags of cement in Fallout 76, we went south of Vault 76. If you look at the map south of the vault, you’ll spot the Green Country sign. If you keep going south from there, you’ll come across a huge, highway bridge. Speaking of highway, the potentially easiest way to reach the bridge is to follow Highway 59 to the southwest, and you’ll come across it eventually. Just be careful when you reach the location, because the whole place is crawling with Feral Ghouls. Plus, you have to navigate the terrain carefully, because the bridge is in a state of disrepair.

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There’s a ton of stuff to find on the bridge, so you might want to search the area thoroughly. However, we’re gonna focus on the cement bags. Make your way across the bridge until you come across an orange car husk with no roof. Climb up the slope, and you’re going to see an overturned truck, with a well, truckload of yellow barrels strewn all about. Walk around it on the right, then hop across the median wall on the left. There’s a metal box full of goodies, as well as a skeleton, some .308 rounds, a short hunting rifle, and our goal, three bags of cement.

Since the only reason you need cement is so that you can make concrete, you might also try looking for it in gravel pits. They are often found near roads.

If you’ve found cement in other locations, please, let us know in the comments, and we’ll make sure to update this guide. If you need help with something else, check out our other Fallout 76 guides, including How to Play With Friends & Join Servers, Safe For Work Quest – Patrol Processing Center, and How to Change Appearance – Hairstyle, Beard, Facial Hair.

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