Kill A Cryptid Fallout 76

The “Kill A Cryptid” is a daily challenge you can get in Fallout 76. Naturally, the only way you can complete this challenge is by finding and killing a cryptid. The following creatures are classified as cryptids: Alien, Flatwoods Monster, Grafton Monster, Mega Sloth, Mothman, Sheepsquatch, Snallygaster, and the Wendigo. Derived from the Greek word “krypto”, meaning “hidden”, these denote a type of creature whose very existence is questioned. As such, they are usually hard to find in the world of Fallout. To help you complete this daily challenge, we’ve put together this Kill A Cryptid Fallout 76 guide. Here, we will explain the best, fastest, and most reliable ways to do this.

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Kill A Cryptid Fallout 76

How To Kill A Cryptid In Fallout 76

As we said, killing any one of the aforementioned cryptids is enough to complete this daily challenge. One of the best ways you can accomplish this is by doing the Queen of The Hunt daily quest. Since this is a daily quest, you can repeat it every 24h. To begin this quest, read the terminal at the Hunter’s Shack. It will take you across three randomly selected areas in the Mire (Site Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, or Epsilon). In one of these, there will be a cryptid that you can kill to complete both this quest and the daily challenge.

This daily quest is our pick for the most efficient way to complete this challenge, but there are other ways, too. A Grafton Monster can often be found near Charleston Trainyard, and Snallygasters can be located in Toxic Dried Lakebed and in the Charleston Canal. Wendigo Cave is a location that is full of – you guessed it – Wendigos and is another guaranteed way that you can find and destroy a cryptid for this daily challenge. And there you have it, our Kill A Cryptid Fallout 76 guide and all the tips and tricks so you can finish this daily challenge as fast as possible.

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