Deathloop Gets New Official PS5 Gameplay Video

Arkane Studios, the developers of the upcoming stylish first-person action-adventure stealth game Deathloop, have released a new nine-minute gameplay video for the game. It is basically a walkthrough of one of the missions later in the game. In the video, you can see a number of weapons and special abilities on display, as well as really breathe in the general feel, which I can only describe as a seventies exploitation movie.

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deathloop gets new official ps5 gameplay video
Deathloop Gets New Official PS5 Gameplay Video

New Deathloop Video Shows Nine Minutes of PlayStation 5 Gameplay

While Deathloop does share some DNA with Dishonored, in terms of fast-paced action that blends stealth and fast-paced action that uses both supernatural powers and regular weapons, it adds a few spins of its own. For starters, Deathloop is a rougelike, as far as I can tell. Your character, Cole, is stuck in a timeloop, and to break it, he has to kill eight specific characters. If the time runs out, or you die, the loop starts over. However, you can actually save some of your weapons and abilities for future runs, if you have the resources.

Add to that the open design of the levels, which give you many different ways to complete any given mission, and you have a winner in my book. It doesn’t stop there, though. There’s the second character, Julianna, whose only mission is to hunt Cole down. She’s constantly taunting Cole as you play, and they even seem to have some history together. The best part is that Julianna can be AI-controlled, but also by another player. It honestly sounds like a blast to me. Oh, and the jazzy combat music is awesome.

Deathloop is coming out on Tuesday, September 14th, 2021. Console-wise, it will be a PlayStation 5 exclusive. On the one hand, it’s a bummer for many people. On the brighter side, it’ll be, like, the second new game that justifies getting the PS5. That said, Deathloop will also be available on PC, so that’s neat. While we wait for the launch date, you can check out the gameplay video below.

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