Fallout 76 Perks Will Come In The Form of Perk Cards

QuakeCon took place this weekend, and Bethesda used it to show off a bunch of stuff their studios are working on. Of course, Fallout 76 is no exception. Mind you, there wasn’t much showing off – it was mostly talk. Since info has been pretty sparse until now, it was a good opportunity to talk some specifics. One of the subjects that was breached in the panels are perks. Fallout 76 will have perks, like every Fallout game before it, but this time, they’ll come in the form of perk cards.

fallout 76 perks perk cards
Fallout 76 Perks Will Come In The Form of Perk Cards

Fallout 76 Perk Cards

You’ll get perk cards randomly from perk card packs. You’ll get those when you level up – one each two levels up to level 10, and then one every five levels. Each card will represent a single perk, and you’ll be able to change your build simply by swapping perk cards around. Bethesda has published a video that covers the topic, and it seems to imply you’ll be able to trade cards with other players, so you shouldn’t be too worried if your own packs yield stuff you don’t like. Except if the game balance turns out terrible, and everyone starts looking for the same handful of perks. Then you’re screwed.

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The video also shows a brief glimpse of some of those perks. Here are the ones we spotted:

Bear arms – Heavy weapons weigh 20% less
Night person – Gain +1 INT and +1 PER from 6:00 PM to 6:00 AM
Revenant – Gain +25% damage for 2 minutes after another player revives you
Bodyguards – Gain +6 damage and energy resistance for every teammate
Grease monkey – Repair price of workshop items is 30% lower
Dodgy – Spend 30 action points to evade 10% of each enemy attack
Mystery meat – Stimpaks can generate edible meat tissue. Higher rads improve the chance

The video also names for perks like friendly fire, quack surgeon, animal friend, mister sandman, gun fu, adrenaline, grim reaper’s sprint and mysterious saviour, although there are no descriptions for those. You can also see which attribute each perk is tied to, as well as how well the developers rank it.

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