Far Cry 3 Down in Amanaki Town

Introduction to Down in Amanaki town

Down in Amanaki town follows Make a break for it main story quest. After you “successfully” ran away from the pirate camp, and fell down into the river, you were picked up by Dennis who took you to Amanaki Village and took care of you.
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Dennis is member of the Rakyat tribe, since they are in bad relations with pirates, you are being accepted as a one of them, being the only person that escaped from their camp alive and all. Down in Amanaki Town helps players get introduced to new game mechanics like Gun Shop store, shooting, aiming, Radio towers, zipline, World map, etc. Far Cry 3 Down in Amanaki town

Cross the river.

You are getting your first tattoo here, for surviving the camp. People outside cheer your success and Dennis gives you a couple of dollars to buy yourself your first weapon from the store.

Buy a 1911 handgun at the store.

You will get familiarized with the store mechanics here.

Follow Dennis out of the village.

Dennis is making a point herel knowing the jungle is key for survival.

Go to the radio tower.

If you listened to Dennis carefully you noticed that sound coming from the bottom of the Radio tower is not very welcoming. It is sound of hostile wild life. Radio towers need to be activated if you want to reveal that part of a map, make weapons free in stores or to unlock new Supply Drop quests.

Disable the scrambler.

Disabling the scrambler on top of the Radio tower will reveal the map and important locations in that region.

Use the zipline to reach the ground faster.

Using the zipline will make you reach the ground on other side of the zipline faster. When you are near the end of zipline, using appropriate button can make you unhook of it at any time.

Open the world map.

All that is needed for your coordination during the game is placed on the world map.